17 August 2017 I was ...

I was ...

I was ... one who had to always prove to be up to every situation; although, I was conditioned by a strong sense of insecurity and poor self-esteem.
One who was wearing masks on masks to hide a warm, sweet and sensitive soul. Which depended on the judgment of others, Hence I had never been true to myself.
I was imprisoned by anxieties, distress, fears, and a thousand of paranoia. Never enjoying the present, because I was always thinking about the future.

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10 August 2017 ORION’S BELT


It's a gloomy night that promises nothing good.
I do not know what’s happening to me, but my stomach is closed, a tightness that does not let me breathe properly and makes me shiver.
My friends are nervously walking around me, I hear them silent, they are agitated and fomented; whereas I’m lying on the grass, trying to keep calm concentrating on the perfumes.

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09 August 2017 ENDLESS VOID


Every night that damn dream came to the door of my mind. I was in a marble quarry; I was pushing a granite boulder doing a tremendous effort.
I tried to move it, but there was nothing I could do, nothing. I could not. Despite all possible attempts, that boulder remained there, firmly in place.
Every morning, as I woke up, I could never remembered the place I was in, not even a detail of the environment around.

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03 August 2017 Look at yourself in the mirror

Look at yourself in the mirror

"Tell me why are you doing this? Have you forgotten that we grew up together? Remember those pictures of our pregnant mothers? I always thought we were friends even then, how can you not realize anything?"
The words are sharp, angry, poisonous arrows that can rip even the hardest heart.
But not mine. Rather. I'm tempted to take him by the neck and attach him to the wall. I cannot stand the tranquility that he flaunts. Between the two of us it was always him the one having the most glowing character of brawler.

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03 August 2017 Books and dreams

Books and dreams

Marta is sitting comfortably on her chair, in a studio apartment that smells like a mixture of moss and cat food. She holds in her hands her new school diary;
she has just begun her first year of middle school. Her mom went out tonight, like every night, she went to dance with her slightly odd friend, while her dad is at work.
Marta sits there smiling at her new sequel of a book called "little women", bought that afternoon with her savings of the month.

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I might had nothing in the end, but to a certain extent I had everything. That's how one feels; when heroin comes in action, everything else loses importance.
The junk had become at the center of my life, it was the only priority. So during the afternoons I preferred being alone. I had a girlfriend, friends, but my social life was no longer of any interest to me.
I often preferred to lock myself at home, watching movies, listening to good music. And draw sketches.Every now and then I stayed there with the music turned on, taking inspiration from my favorite comics.

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21 June 2017 Zombia Resurrection

Zombie Resurrection

I was told that monsters do not exist. They told this to me and to all my friends, more or less at the age of seven, that vampires, ghosts, boogiemen and zombies do not exist. It is all a fabrication.

But monsters exist, although, sometimes we pretend they don’t. Monsters arrive when we try to suppress our sensations, not to feel them, to distort them.
If I deal with what I have in my mind, when I’m not thinking too lucidly, my problems, my paranoia and my fears can destroy me, ruin my life, appearing much more monstrous than how they actually are.

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20 June 2017 I love to write

I love to write

Today, some students studying at the Cattaneo High School in Modena, have come to visit Sanpa.
We talked about our passions, each one of us has one... or at least I think each one of us should have one! As to me, my passion is to write, there are several reasons why:
I love to write, I do not know exactly why, but all I know is that I love to write. I was asked to write an essay explaining what it means for me to write.

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16 June 2017 We are alive - WeFree

We Are Alive

Four years have flown by and as always I like you, perhaps even more so now.

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14 June 2017 The other half of the heart

The other half of the heart

If I had to compare my life to something, I would definitely associate it with a war.
Ever since I was little I fought against the indifference of my parents and against the teasing of my schoolmates.
I fought not to be unnoticed, to be accepted by the group.
I have fought against all the healthy principles my grandparents have taught me.
I fought so that I could be the most popular of all, not to feel alone, but above all, I fought against myself.
I became a great soldier over time. I was able to betray, hurt, humiliate, lie, so I did not feel anything.

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14 June 2017

As if nothing had happened

We started to glimpse some lights, after a few minutes we were inside. The club was complete to the full of its life, it was night-time and I felt at home.

That pounding music gave me a feeling of inner peace, blocking all my thoughts, and to cope being there, ecstasy was the best drug.

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31 May 2017 Black and Beautiful | Wefree

Black and Beautiful

Now reality for me is a beautiful song.
I walk under this gray sky of which shades I don’t miss out. This sky that someone would say: “It doesn’t promise anything good” but as far as I know, the mere fact that it’s there above my head, is the confirmation that it has kept the promise it made to me in those days when I could not look at it.

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29 May 2017 Nothing Wrong - WeFree

Nothing wrong

I always had trouble at school, I didn’t really like to study and I always felt less than my classmates. I was constantly made fun of and life became a living hell. When the time came to choose a direction in which I would study, taking my parent’s advice and not wanting to let them down, I joined the Agrarian Institute. Just to make them happy, I ended up choosing an area of study that I didn’t even like and this ended up making me feel bad. However, I could not speak with them, talk about what I was feeling, going through, about my difficulties and fears.

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11 May 2017 Cristoph's story - WeFree

Cristoph's story

Hi, I'm Cristoph, I'm 38 years old and I come from Macerata a town in the Italian region of Le Marche. My family is composed of: my mother Michela, my father Roberto, my brother Stefano and my two sisters Sabrina and Cristina. As a child I was excited to have siblings with whom to play with, but over the years that enthusiasm ended. Every sibling that was born made me feel as if they had diverted my moms attentions from me. I felt terrible. When I was born my parents were very young and my grandparents had always been against their wedding.

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05 May 2017

I’m the PR of them

A girl points her iphone at us, we are three males and seven females, we're doing a selfie. We take a photo to post on Snapchat and Facebook, to show to our friends that we are cool. That our life is the coolest, however one should really consider this: all these guys I’m with, know who I’m but I have no idea who they are. It is standard procedure for a "PR".

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05 May 2017 Figna Danza - WeFree


"You need some sort of chaos inside to create a dancing star" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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I have a friend who has a problem: he sees himself fat. Well, it’s not just an impression; he's actually a bit overweight. This creates a whole series of problems that made him struggle to hang around with people and to have a life equal to those of his age. For example, he didn’t want to have anything to do with girls. He didn’t go out with his friends, not that he had many. He couldn’t get passionate about anything; he had no hobbies. He tried to do some sport, but he did not succeed, because of his clumsiness. So every time he had already quitted from the start.

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04 May 2017 Purple cyclamen stockings - 52 stories

Purple cyclamen stockings

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Silvia. I'm 30 years old. I am of the Zodiac sign of the Virgo and unfortunately I have all its negative features. I don’t want to have anything to do with those of my own Zodiac sign! I’m habitual in usual schemes and lazy, although I’ll rather say I prefer taking it easy. Lazy sounds more like one who avoids working! I like to have everything under control, everything fully organized. The unexpected change to my biorhythm could seriously make me go out of my mind.

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18 April 2017 My music - 52 stories-wefree

My music

From an early age I felt something inside me. Emotions. Dreams. Like music. But I still couldn’t realize it. The only thing I knew was that the world was traveling at another speed, with other times whereas my dreams and I, had to adapt to others.

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31 March 2017 AT LOWER VOICE - Wefree


A ray of sunshine that came through the window, continuously lit up the desk halving it, hence separating me from the formal man, who kept talking to me, I would say uselessly.
Long moments of silence filled up the room, I didn’t speak, and I wasn’t going to allow others to look into my thoughts, entering my world.

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