15 February 2017
Fili Spezzati - WeFree | San Patrignano

The phone rings, I hasten to answer. I look at the screen; it’s him at last. I smile; I've been waiting for hours.
"Come down, I’m outside your house!"
I put my coat and hat on when I’m about to leave the house. My parents look at me furiously and begin pounding me with questions, to which I have no intention to answer.
"Are you going out tonight? You cannot do what you want. You have also stopped going to school. What do you want to become? Are you going out with him again, aren’t you? He will drag you into hell. Don’t go out tonight, stay home.

10 February 2017
Wondering who I was - WeFree

I was dying inside

03 February 2017
I wanted to be a rock star - WeFree

Turned off my dreams

My story starts in Castiglione del Lago, a very pleasant village, immersed in the green hills of Umbria. Both my parents are from Calabria, my father worked for an insurance company and my mother was a teacher, they were both really cool parents, affectionate, loving, always present and since I was their only child, all their attention was directed to me.
Suddenly everything changed. We had to transfer back to Calabria, I abandoned everything, friends, home, the hills and all that was important to me.

15 October 2016
WeFree Days

After three years and for the fifth time on We Free Days, we had our dear friend Abramz Tekya, the founder of Breakdance Project Uganda, again with us in San Patrignano. Here is a small interview made by the We Free Crew of 2016 with Abramz, where he tells as a bit of his own experiences in San Patrignano and We Free Days in the years passed, and the whole concept of the We Free idea and how it grows in the worldwide net of ours, including the meaning of the award he received on this year’s edition.

05 September 2016
WeFree Days

Do you guys know what an oboe is?
When they asked me…I said “it’s a tropical bird”.
Funny right? Sorry, I should clarify one thing:
I am eight years old
And I stopped going to school a while back.
My parents never told me what an oboe was
And I never asked them.
I knew what a guitar was
A piano, a violin and trumpet
But not the oboe.
Today I play the oboe
My teachers tells me that I’m very good.
I play in a band and we are called "Pepita",

05 September 2016
A thought for us - WeFree Days

"Wefree", we are free, is one of the strongest messages that touched me by San Patrignano, we are free only when we live free without relying on nothing. We are free when we decide to live up to our own ideals and not according to the ideals to a drug or something else.

02 September 2016
Drop Company
WeFree Days

social freedom.

It means changing things.

Change them for the better, take them and mold them into something that helps you feel good, it makes us feel good wherever we are and with whomever we are with, because in the end to feel good you really don't need anything. Nothing more than what we already have.

What do we need to do it?

We need passion.

We need to believe. Get involved.

Sometimes you just need to throw yourself in.

31 August 2016
Sballando Ballando
WeFree Days

Dance and it will pass!! While we're talking about it just do it!! Ha-ha!!

31 August 2016
WeFree Days

“Passion, creativity, sharing, expressing, develop, ideas, manifesting their dreams that will become true in the future.”

29 August 2016
WeFree Days

If someone woke you up at 4 in the morning and said, 'Look, your work colleague is at the police station, high and drunk, dancing hip hop along with the immigrants, but doesn't even know them. Let's go and get him", what would you do?

Sometimes you have to throw yourself into things to begin to make a difference in their lives. Maybe I'm a bit strange, my work is that of a dance choreographer for theatrical shows, I have custody of my child and I still assume the risk of believing in people. I at four in the morning got dressed, I left my daughter at home and went.

29 August 2016
WeFree Days

I was born in Toronto, Canada, my mother is African-Canadian, and my father is a Jamaican immigrant. My name is Jordon, Jordon Veira but you can call me JV. Toronto is difficult, it is a megalopolis full of people but often you feel alone. Since childhood I have always tried to make a difference, I don’t know why, maybe I felt different, I like to read, I enjoy talking, I like art, in particular I like to play with words.

24 August 2016
Julie and Chris - Wefree

“C’mon Chris don’t look at me like that, I feel embarrassed.”

“How else could I look at you, but don’t you see how beautiful you are?”

“… coming closer to each other,” Julie murmurs, like a breath of wind that caresses the skin. “Do you know that I dreamt of you last night? Being far away, I was shouting after you and you just smiled and looked at me. I was afraid that you had stopped loving me.”

23 August 2016
Fifteen - Jamie Oliver's - WeFree
WeFree Days

They said, “go to 15 Westland PI. There is friend of mine who has opened a restaurant, hires only ex-convicts. His name is Jamie.” Two weeks after being released from prison, the first thought I had was, “I hope everything goes ok, I need work but I cannot go back and live the life I had before.

19 August 2016
Transformers Portugal
WeFree Days

One evening, sometime ago, I had a dream so nice that I didn’t want to wake up; so I decided that in one way or another I’d would try to relive it. Some say that you mustn’t believe too much in dreams, because often you fail to fulfill them.

Well I tell you one thing: in that dream I had, there was also you. Would you like to know what I dreamt?

18 August 2016
street university city - wefree
WeFree Days

My name is Tatjana. My name is Koko and my name is Jacob. In life I’ve had to face very difficult situations that have taken me rock bottom. It was hard to pick myself up again, to not get stepped on anymore. But I did it.

17 August 2016
Flip Over - WeFree, San Patrignano

When i was little I was full of dreams and ambitions about the future, though I had always been a little shy girl and found it hard to bond with others. However in middle school I realized that I was snippy, arrogant and always in fights with professors and in the eyes of the other kids I suddenly became a really hot girl.

12 August 2016
Remembering that night - Wefree

One night, I was with the guys at a bar and that was the first time I heard, “pinning up and H” and that’s where I got curious and intrigued and continued to ask my friend until he told me the truth about it. I didn’t even know where to get heroin.
I’m not sure how long I said to myself that I must try it but when my parents decided to leave for holiday and leave me at home alone for a few days I decided that that was the perfect evening to organized a party with my friends, at least I thought being with them nothing major would happen.

09 August 2016
rough draft wefree

One foot in front of another, my feet don’t leave footprints on the sidewalk. No one knows where they are. Its half past seven, usually by this time mom has prepared a stew with peas and potatoes like every Friday night. I can’t feel my legs, I don’t know where I am going; walking with my thoughts and thinking about things that I can’t describe, while trying to dismiss the knowledge that sooner or later I’ll have to go home. I will have take the beating.

18 July 2016
The world is Beautiful because it’s Diverse - WeFree

I think that in the end we are not so different after all. Who? Us, I mean all of us. "The world is beautiful because it is diverse". Let us pause a second on this last phrase, "diverse", like someone's delicate facial features, or skin color, or country of origin, culture and language. Unfortunately, as "diverse" as frightening economic disparity, social injustice or inequality at birth a term that characterizes "The Middle ages" 1200-1500 A.D. Little has changed, or perhaps only the name we have given it has changed. What does the word "freedom" truly mean. .? The answers don't exist.

14 July 2016
I have to talk about you guys - WeFree

Hi, I’m here, with the encroaching darkness of nine o’clock in a bus over flowing with annoying little sounds. Glancing outside I sense the silence. But the silence outside doesn’t exist, certainly not on the A4. And yet I watch the trees floating bye, the concrete barrier, the far away lights, and see only silence. I see strange figures, that penetrate the air without a single breath, without the slightest noise. Sad sounds echo through some shabby stolen head phones. The figures aren’t strange they’re ordinary things .

05 July 2016
The WeFree days are back in October
WeFree Days

On 11th and 12th of October San Patrignano will host the WeFree Days. An event created by young people for young people, where thousands of students from all over Italy will meet with institutions, with personalities from sports and entertainment to discuss their problems, their difficulties and the problems associated with the drug trade. Searching for solutions through forums and debates and to propose ideas to make the world a better place.