What is wedoWE?

wedoWE is a Dutch no-profit organization that encourages people to take action in order to make changes in society. People reached by the organization create a “doWE”, namely, a social project aimed to change the world around us. The focus of wedoWE is to encourage a creative approach in order to develop “doWE” of all types: video, events, travel, songs, and other activities to enhance and leverage talents of those who create it. In particular, today’s focuses are primarily on Hip Hop, movies and energy.


wedoHIPHOP is a division of wedoWE organization, its mission is to encourage Hip Hop fans around the world to have, through dance, a positive impact on their communities. Through using their own creative potential, everyone can positively change the world around them. Since 2015 wedoHIPHOP guys have traveled from Brazil to Nepal, from India to Bosnia developing projects with local communities and getting in touch with young people coming from disadvantaged environments.

Drives and projects

“Through art, culture, Hip Hop everyone can support and develop ideas and projects to change society and breaking down barriers. We can all become heroes and together make the world a better place!”
By teaching Hip Hop dance, WedoWE educates young people on sustainability, organic farming, entrepreneurship, self-esteem, and how to use them in order to stay away from drugs and violence. Young boys can practice what they learned, living the Hip Hop culture at 360 degrees, traveling the world, shooting video, creating events and workshops, always looking for new partnerships and new projects.