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What is We love 2 dance?

“We love 2 dance” is a social project born in Portugal. Through dance lessons for children and young people, the organization offers meeting spaces where young people can find a viable alternative to street life.

The Founder

Luis Neves is a young Portuguese guy, he lives in Lisbon where he’s been part of Transformers’ movement, with which, in 2012, he attended the WeFree Days. He is not only a breakdance dancer, he’s a guy who decided to strongly fight what he sees happening around him every day. His project’s goal is to combat early school leaving due to false myths proposed by the road, that slowly and inexorably, also get children away from their passions.


Using dance passion, “We love 2 dance” promotes healthy lifestyles, which help young people to discover their talents and create a network of positive friendships. In addition to this, the organization offers a safe environment where children can grow and mature chasing positive values. “We love 2 dance” is a chain made of young people and passions with which everyone can actually change the world around us.


We love 2 dance