Berlin, Germany

Street Univercity - WeFreeThe most beautiful school in Berlin

Street UniverCity is a school. A special one. It’s the school of those who for one reason or an other, don’t go to regular school. For those who have failed or been expelled. Kids who live in destitute poverty, boys and girls who are born to immigrant parents, kids for whom getting lost on the streets is all to easy.
Thankfully sometimes the street can be a good teacher. And this time even university. University of the streets of Berlin, that above all intends to be a cultural instuctor to the kids enroled. For them the path that lies ahead is to maximize individual creativity. To achieve this a peer to peer educational approach is taken, with teachers and trainers who are skilled in inentifying ones unique talents and to help it shine. The school is located in Kreuzberg, close to Kottbusser Tor, among drug addicts, street vendors and yummy kebab places.

How does it work

Students’ ages range between 15 and 25. Classes are afternoons and evenings and only those who resist can collect points necessary to become the Street Master. There are four working areas, two of which are obligatory (social education and politics, environmental skills and job orientation). The other material that your able to choose from are media, arts, sports and martial arts. Students that at the end of the program has the required points , will get the chance to go to Paris for the graduation ceremony.

The Founder

The idea of founding such a school came from an Italian, Giò di Sera, a 46 year old guy born and raised in Naples. He has been living in Berling for 20 years now working as a radio Dj and creative artist. He moved to Germany after a difficult youth passed struggling on the streets of Naples. But then he learned how to transform anger into positive energy.
Of the school he says, “Everybody knows, by personal experience, how important it is for young emigrant people abandoned by society to feel motivated, and it is essential to reinforce their own personalities to help foster their specific gifts.



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