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Schtifti - WeFree‘MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO’(A sound mind in a sound body):We are able to quote this famous latin phrase to summarize the activities of the Schtifti Foundation, an organization where the objective is to teach young people healthy eating habits and a good phisical regime. Foundedin 2003 by Roger Grolimund and Ernesto Silvani in Zurich, Schtifti organizes projects at a national level, based on the relationship between physical activity, healthy nutrition and cultural and social interests.

How to promote heaalthy habits in children?

First sport: all activities of the foundation include physical activity. From breakdance to frisbee, from skateboard to hacky-sack (a sport where you juggle and pass a small ball with your feet).through physical exercise we able to, strengthen our relationships and act responsibly towards ourselves and others.

Freestyle tour and Schtifti Powergame

Every year the Schtiftiteam organizes a Freestyle tour, a day of alternative education in accordance with the schools, during which the students learn to feel good in their own bodies. To show kids a fun way to exercise, the foundation invented the Schtifti Powergame, a game simmilar to snakes and laddersthrough which children learn the relationship between exercise and nutrition. This is just one of the ways that the tour links physical exercise with education:As well as Freestyle sports there is also Freestyle cooking, A totally new way to demonstrate the advantages of good nutrition.

Eat Healthy

The Schtifti Foundation suggests a different style of living that promises a longer and healthier life. Cooking made fun helps children to eat wholesome. So at the essence of fitness is a good diet which is very important for overall weelbeing.


Schtifti Foundation

Schtifti Foundation
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