Juvenile Orchestra Pepita

Milano – Italia

Orchestra Giovanile Pepita - WeFreeWho are they?

Pepita is a project of the association Children in Crisis Italy Onlus, which involves the permanent creation of an orchestra for the youngsters of the city of Milan. It was created to provide opportunities for young people without a musical education learn and also to introduce music as an answer to many forms of juvenile uneasiness and angst.


How and when it’s born

It was born in 2008 in a suburb of Milan, in collaboration with The Non-Profit-Association of Music and the City of Milan. This project was inspired by the musical education system of the Venezuelan master José Antonio Abreu, who teaches children team building skills and believes that the language of music could be an answer for their worries and anxieties. Pepita is a young orchestra, which has already exhibited in prestigious places such as the Arcimboldi Theater and the Dal Verme Theater in Milan and it has also played major roles in several events.


The Pepita project is an initiative aimed for students between 8 and 19 years old. The main objective is not to train professionals, but to motivate musical and social progress, providing feasible solutions to youth problems, school dropouts and to promote intercultural exchanges through the universal language of music.

Social in social

Since 2013, the Youth Orchestra Pepita has been working and performing in places of human discomfort and vulnerability, such as the Geriatric Institute “Piero Redaelli” and the retirement home for musicians “Casa Verdi” trying to bring smiles and enjoyment to the residents thanks to their music.


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