Global Changemakers


Global Changemakers - WeFreeGlobal Changemakers is an association made of young people coming from more than 100 different countries to share experiences, ideas, innovative projects and make them happen. This is who Global Changemakers are, young activists between 16 and 25 years old.
They are involved in global summits and panels where they meet and debate with leaders and important politicians. They share one important aim: making the world a better place to live.


Where did globale Change Makers begin?

The team is managed by the British Council of Switzerland. British Council is a UK international entity for educational and cultural relations, is present in 110 countries of the world and works together with World Economic Forum (WEF), UN agencies and several NGO’s.
The idea behind it is exchanging opportunities and cooperation among youngsters all over the world, this is crucial for a better and sustainable future. Becoming a changemaker needs time: participants must be ready to engage in a program with no deadlines.


What do they do? What are their goals?

What’s their mission? Linn and Leti plant trees in Myammar and Messico. Alanda is working on her first Youth forum in Indonesia. Kolawole, Moses and Esnatt bring on social campaigns for the prevention of HIV in Nigeria, Uganda and Malawi. Areas of work are several: childrens rights, education, environment, human rights, public health and many others.
The type of commitment requested can vary: it’s possible to participate in campaigns aimed at making people aware of social issues, helping people to get more involved in their own community or in “think tanks” where young people work together on projects aimed at making their lives better.


The story of Mosè

Mosè Ssenyonyi is a 23 year old boy from Uganda who become “global” when he was 16, after having taken part in a contest promoted by the British Council. His battle began when he was in high school. At that time, he was ostracized by his friends and teachers for looking after his HIV positive aunt.
Since then he developed the idea of helping young people understand HIV, what are the effects, how it can be prevented and managed. Through experiences, talks, informative and formative projects, Mosè has been able to bring to the Ugandan regions of Kampala, Wakiso and Luweero, his project “Youth Crack HIV”.

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