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Drop Company - WeFreeMilan, Italy

Project of Collaboration

Dance as a resource against the juvenile angst. Hip hop, break-dance and free style as educational tools for those who face a long road to recovery in a drug rehabilitation center.
These are the ideas behind the collaboration of American Contourella, now Drop Company, over 50 years of experience in dance and fitness, and the Community of San Patrignano, one of the biggest rehabilitation centers in the world.


How was it Born

The cooperation between Drop Company and San Patrignano starts in 2009, during the first edition of the WeFree Days, where two days are dedicated to prevention of drug abuse through the promotion of hip hop and break-dance as social tools to find inner peace and freedom.


Breakdance in Community

San Patrignano hosted the teachers of Drop Company for a four week course in dance in which the young professional dancers put their time, energy and expertice at the disposition of the residents of San Patrignano.
74 Residents of the community have been involved, divided appropriatly according to abilityand experience:hip-hop base, hip-hop advanced and breakdance. Thanks to this course, the 2011edition of the WeFree days will see the debut of the San Patrignano breakdance team.



Drop Company e San Patrignano

Drop Company
Milano, Italia