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Amico Charlie - WeFreeTo take ones life at only sixteen: discomfort, solitude, emptiness who knows what Charly experienced.
Charly, a teenager like any other, if it wasn’t for the fact that in real life, the pages don’t turn as easily as they do in the comics. Maybe today Charly would still be wearing his hat, like his namesake character created by Schultz.
It was here, that pain gave way to hope, that l’Amico Charly is born, an association ONLUS which for nine years has worked to prevent juvenile hardship.


Who was Charly

Amico CharlyCharly Columbo a sixteen year old who seemed happy go lucky: he was as beautiful as the sun, remembers his aunt Mariagrazia. And it was she, who understood that if family marked by tragedy was not fall into torment and dispair it had to find a purpose. That purpose was to become active in today’s youth culture, to bring to light the very real problems that the youth of today face around the world. To let them know they are not alone: that persecution, sorrow, uneasiness and ones inability to face lifes problems are battles we can win.


Yes, but how?

By helping maturing children, talking with them, showing them affection, and at the same time helping adults with the delicate task of being parents. These are the associations objectives and they plan to reach these by using creative workshops.
Here they can learn the arts of Hip-Hop and breakdance, the different techniques used to create murals and graffiti, experience singing and creating real and true choreography with the assistance of professional dancers. Without, of cause, neglecting their studies: we will dedicate an area with teachers who offer scholastic support.
And for the adults? We will offer organized support groups, led by professional councilors where they can share their problems and seek advice.



The children learn dance and acrobatic moves set to their favourite music like the world of Hip-Hop dance, design murals under the guidance of an expert artist, discover and express their musical passions, learn to play the guitar or the drums to the point of reciting popular songs. Other than sing, dance and recite, they infact, have the chance to do the make for or design with a creative team.


And somthing new

This year we launched webradio Radio Charly.
The kids two days a week, thanks to the help of an expert in musical production and a Dj, concieved and constucted actual radio braodcasts: using the console to master editing and mixing skills. And maybe one day becoming a true Dj.



L'Amico Charly

Amico Charly
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