WeFree Run

A race for the life. This is the WeFree Run that will be held on Sunday the 29th of October 2017, within the San Patrignano community.

This is the event that San Patrignano will organize at the end of the month of October, dedicated to prevention, one of the two main objectives of the community’s mission along with the recovery.


Why a Race

Sport has always been an important educational tool within the community and race is among the most practiced. For the residents it is essential to get back into shape after the many years they had spent without taking care of their shape. At the same time, racing is a way of keeping themselves busy with fellow residents. Learning how to manage fatigue while sharing the little joys of workouts. For this reason, the community has thought of going beyond allowing external people to attend with the 1300 residents.


Race mode

WeFree Run has two modes of participation:

  • Non-competitive racing (trail running) Km 12
  • Walk Km 3.3

For the contestants, the race will be on a 4km (three laps) ring with a total of 12 kilometers. It will be a trail that will develop along the vineyards of the community and there is a prize for the first three classified men and the first three classified women.

Those walking will, however, only do a 3.3-kilometer walk on an asphalted path between vineyards and the community facilities.

At the end of the tour, all participants will have access to a refreshment point.

Whether it’s racing or walking, participants will experience being side by side to the guys running, sharing their path and having the opportunity to interact with them.



The race will be held entirely inside the San Patrignano community. For the participants it will be exciting to run or walk in the streets of San Patrignano, immersed among the beautiful vineyards that in autumn present the most beautiful colors of the year. The path of the walk will be developed among the community’s structures: starting in front of the cellar, then passing the cattle and pigs farms, the school center, the dairy products facility, the craftwork structure the laundry, the bakery and the great structure of the dining room up to the stables and then back to the cellar. A path suitable for everyone, from families with children who can take a good walk, to those who want to measure with the steep streets of the community.

The trail running will take place in the beautiful vineyards of the community (incredible with their autumn colors) and the pastures, on a dirt path all inside San Patrignano.


The lunch

All participants will have the opportunity to dine inside the community, taking part to the moment of stronger sharing that one can live in San Patrignano. Eating in the dining hall means being welcomed where the 1300 community residents dine, being accommodated in what’s the pulsating heart and the soul of this place.


Why participate to the WeFree Run

Participating to the WeFree Run means embracing a healthy sporting idea, while sharing, wanting to compete, test and confront without being too focused on the final result, but rather enjoying the company and the place; conceiving exactly how the resident of San Patrignano intend a race shall be.

It means embracing the idea of ​​a life free of all addictions, a life of passion and desire to be placed into test continually, values ​​in which the community firmly believes.

It means supporting the 1300 residents on program, making them feel the closeness of the world as opposed to that they have escaped, a world that appreciates their desire to stand up and become adequate to do well in life.

It means supporting the business of a unique reality like San Patrignano, which in almost forty years has welcomed more than 26,000 residents, all in a completely free way. Free for both their families and the state; in fact Italy saves 30 millions a year.



Non-competitive racing or walking

  • Over 14 years: minimum recommended donation 10 euros
  • Under 14 years: free

Lunch in the dining hall with the 1300 Community residents:

  • 15 euros per head