WeFree Days 2018

October 10th and 11th 2018

For years San Patrignano has been implementing the WeFree project, an extensive network of prevention interventions in the national territory focused on the “peer-to-peer education”, with the involvement of members of the Community.

“WeFree Days”, an event conceived and realized with the contribution from members of the Community, will be held October 10th and 11th at San Patrignano and will represent the annual opening of the activity. These two days are dedicated to examine issues relating to drug addiction and common problems among the youth. Our goal is to stimulate a constructive dialogue that proposes an alternative to the tendency to deal superficially with the today’s drug problem.

An event attended by about 3000 high school students from around Italy, alongside Italian and International institution representatives and  representatives of associations active in the social sector together with personalities from the world of sport, culture and entertainment.

WeFree Days is divided into four thematic areas: Forum, Theatre, Forumio and Experience.


Wednesday 10th October

10:00 – WeFree Show

10:00 – Meeting with Angela Iantosca  – Theater

A presentation of her book “Una sottile linea bianca – Dalle piazze di spaccio alla comunità di San Patrignano”.

12:15 – Spazio Action


12:30 – Lunch

14:00 – 17:00 Forumio – Meetings with students

14:00 – 17:00 Experience – Workshop with students

17:30 – #selfree contest


Thursday 11th October

10:00 – WeFree Show

Followed by the award giving for WeFree Schools

10:00 – Forum – Amphitheatre

Followed by the delivery of the WeFree award to the supporters of our prevention projects

13:00 – Lunch with special guest Vittorio Brumotti

14:00 – 17:00 Forumio – Meetings with students

14:00 – 17:00 Experience – Interactive workshop with students

17:30 – Prize giving for the #selfree18 contest




October 11th – 10:00 A.M.

Forum: 40 years of recovery, education and prevention of drug use: are we heroes or fools?’

Drugs are still, now more than ever, a very real danger. San Patrignano was conceived 40 years ago as an answer to the heroin that was killing people on street corners, in parks and train stations, and to the arrival of synthetic drugs and cocaine. We believe that those that have addiction issues do not have to hide, that they can be educated, that they can recover and reinsert back into society. It’s been over 40 years and over 26,000 people and we still think this should be the way. Are we heroes or fools?

In the 40th year of its foundation, San Patrignano enters into the heart of social problems by promoting a new dialogue between institutions and civil society in order to overcome the cultural and fragility of global society. A debate to build new responses, as it was done 40 years ago for the emergency of drug addiction, updating the aims of the Community that visits schools and meets families in order to improve the condition of young people and their future. This commitment reaffirms the vision that San Patrignano has embodied for 40 years: the assumption of responsibility as the foundation of true freedom.


Lucia Bellaspiga, journalist for Avvenire

Opening speakers

Piero Prenna, president of San Patrignano; Stefano Bonaccini, President of Emili0-Romagna; Andrea Gnassi, Mayor of Rimini

Keynote speech

Lorenzo Fontana, Minister for Family and Disability

Panel 1 – Prevention and Education

Introductory speech

Marco Bussetti, Minister of Education and Research, Italy;

Maria Contento, Director DPA, Department of Anti-Drug Policies, Italy; John L. Harrison*, Office of the Chairman CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America); Antonio Affinita, Director of Moige, Italy; Antonio Tinelli, head of drug prevention for San Patrignano, Italy


Coffee break


Panel 2 – recovery and its positive effect on society


Antonio Boschini, Director of the Therapeutic Program of San Patrignano; Roberta Pacifici, Director Osservatorio Smoking, alcohol and drugs, National Institute of Health; David Best, Professor of Criminology in the Department of Law and Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University and visiting Associate Professor of Addiction Studies at Monash University, Melbourne


The Environmental Effects of Drug Production – speaker:

Erik Leijonmarck, Presidente ECAD – European Cities Against Drugs



“WeFree Show”

October 10th and 11th   10:00 A.M.


There will be theatrical prevention shows, in which members of the WeFree project will be the protagonists, in the San Patrignano Auditorium. These are true stories told from the stage and in the school year 2017-2018,  along with the other WeFree activities, will reach about 50,000 students across Italy.



Forumio Space is dedicated to meeting and talking, where personalities of the world of culture, entertainment and sport meet participating students, sharing their expertise to achieve goals, realize dreams and to exchange views on issues of social relevance.


10th October – 14:00 – 17:00

“Terra di nessuno”

Lead by: Angela Iantosca

Meeting with the photojournalist Francesco Malavolta, who has been involved  in documenting the crisis and the migratory flows affecting Europe for twenty years.

Delivery of the WeFree award to Carolyn Smith

interview with Giovanni Terzi


“Vero e normale”

Lead by: Giovanni Terzi

The need to appear supported by the rise of social media has generated a countertrend: the search for truth and the return to pure and simple reality. A need that has met new expressive languages.

With Vittorio Brumotti, Elisa D’Ospina, Valerio Braschi


11th October – 14:00 – 17:00


“Eroi quotidiani”

Lead vy Giovanni Terzi

Life’s daily struggle, the fatigue of never giving up and learning to know oneself through adversity. Different generations and worlds, one common challenge.

With Giovanni Terzi, Federico Toldo, Settimio Benedusi


“Campioni oltre gli ostacoli”
Lead by Pascal La Delfa

Learn to accept and to recognize your limits, then learn to overcome them. Two champions, one musician. Roll with the punches of life, react and progress.

Meeting with Daniele Cassioli, Nesli e Francesco Apolloni

Delivery of the WeFree award to Daniele Cassioli



October 10th and 11th  14:00-17:00 P.M.

The “Experience” space is designed for the presentation of several Italian and international initiatives active in projects for young people. They use art in various forms as a tool for growth and enhancement of skills and passions. The various groups offer the students a direct involvement in the experience of each activity. There are more than six workshops to animate WeFree Days, each one guaranteed to provide fun and valuable lessons to the students who participate. There will be members of the community trained in various fields and ready to engage students in different activities, from singing to video footage.



Termini Underground, Roma –  Drop Company, Milano – Orchestra Pepita, Milano – Banda RulliFrulli/Fondazione Scuola Musica Andreoli, Finale Emilia (MO) – Aibes, Italia.



Il coro dei SanpaSingers; Il Sanpa Group; La Compagnia Teatrale San Patrignano: I Sanpa Hair; I Ragazzi dell’Ospitalità; Decograf


10th Ocotober at 12:00 – Auditorium

The “Momento Action” represents a concrete commitment that all the participants of the event take. Reporters, students, teachers, the boys of San Patrignano all make  a collective gesture to become ‘ ambassadors ‘ of positive messages addressed to young people of all over the world. This year the “Momento Action” will be combined with the launch of the #selfree18 contest.


Each year the Wefree Prize is awarded for the commitment to the protection of human and youth Rights. For the 2018 edition, the prize will be awarded to those people that believe and invest in prevention and educational institutions that in recent years have collaborated with San patrignano, choosing the Wefree Prevention Project as a way of reaching out to their students.

The Wefree Prize will also be awarded to Carolyn Smith, choreographer for Dancing with the Stars for her courage and strength she has shown.


Among the supporters of the prevention activities of San Patrignano:

Banca del Monte Lombardia


Among the educational institutions:

Istituto Salvemini – Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
Istituto Cassata Gattapone – Gubbio
Istituto Corridoni Campana – Osimo (AN)