WeFree Days 2016

11th – 12th October

For many years now San Patrignano nurturing the project “WeFree”, a comprehensive network of prevention in the area, based on peer-to-peer education, activities that directly involve young people from the community who themselves are combating drug addiction.

The “WeFree Days”, ideated and realized thanks to the contributions of the many residents of the community, will be held on the 11 and 12 of October in San Patrignano and represents the inauguration of our annual activities. They are two days dedicated to examining issues related to drug addiction and juvenile welfare and hardship. Our goal is to stimulate a constructive dialogue that proposes alternatives to the rampant tendency to deal superficially with the drug problem.

The event will include approximately 2,500 students from high schools and middle schools across Italy, alongside Italian and international representatives of institutions and associations working in this social sphere, together with people from the world of sport, culture and entertainment.

The WeFree Days are divided into four thematic areas: Forum, Theatre, ForuMio and Experience


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WeFree Days 2016

Tuesday 11 October 2016

10:00 – WeFree Show
“Ragazzi Permale” – Prevention in the theater
Francesco Apolloni leads

10:00 – Forum: Violence and Drugs,
critical levels of environmental resources and domestic relationships as the seed to dependence

12:30 – Action Space
Pascal La Delfa leads

14:00 – 17:00 – ForuMio – Meetings with the students

14:00 – 17:00 – Experience – Interactive Workshop

Wednesday 12 October 2016

10:00 – WeFree Show
“Ragazzi Permale” – Prevention in the theater
Francesco Apolloni leads

10:00 – Forum: Drugs and Violence,
how substances can “turn on” and fuel criminality

12.30 – The WeFree Prize
Pascal La Delfa leads

14:00 – 17:00 – ForuMio – Meetings with the students

14:00 – 17:00 – Experience – Interactive Workshop


The next 11 and 12 of October there will be two encounters involving national and international speakers to an audience of, according to the topics, students, operators, experts, representatives of institutions both national and international and other voluntary organizations participating in the event.

Tuesday 11 October 2016 – at 10:00

Welcoming Address
Ahmad Alhendawi of Jordan, United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

Forum: Violence and Drugs, Critical levels of environmental resources and domestic relationships as the seed to dependence
The tie that binds violence and drugs, as seen by the San Patrignano community in its more than 38 years of operation in recovering addicts, often sees victims of violence initiating the consumption of drugs even before adolescence. Domestic violence, childhood and adolescent abuse, family and social contexts in which violence characterizes the actions and behaviors of its members; a society that is violently competitive, heavily influence people’s personal paths pushing them toward drugs and addiction which is just an attempt to find relief from their problems.

Invited Speakers
Enrico Costa, Minister for Regional Affairs specifically the family; Ermenegilda Siniscalchi*, Head of Department for Family Policies; Livia Pomodoro, legal expert, former President of the Court of Milan; Ernesto Caffo, President of Telefono Azzurro; Alessia Bertolazzi, sociological reseacher, Alessandro Vento, psychiatrist; Antonio Boschini, Manager of the therapeutic program of the community San Patrignano.

* speakers to be confirmed
updated programme at 10th of October

At the end of the panel, Elisabetta Gualmini, Region Vice President of Emilia Romagna and Council Member of Welfare, Filomena Albano *, National Authority for Children and Youth and Lorenzo Piovanello, Philanthropy Advisor UBS Italia; will present the diplomas for the participants of the project “Parenting Program”

Wednesday 12 October 2016 – at 10:00

Forum: Drugs and Violence, how substances can “turn on” and fuel criminality
Behind the occurrence of violent acts and, what’s at the root of criminal systems that make violence their rule of thumb, is often the consumption and trafficking of narcotic drugs. Several studies and researches identify drug use as a contributory factor in acts of domestic violence, abuse, bullying, episodes of small and large criminal activity, violent crime and road accidents, of which even the daily news portray with increasing frequency. Among the more recent analysis is the phenomenon of drug use by terrorist groups.

Invited speakers:
Cindy J. Smith, Director UNICRI – United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute; Nicola Gratteri, Chief Prosecutor Catanzaro; Franco Taverna, Exodus Foundation NPO; Giulio Maira, Neurosurgeon and President of the Foundation Atena NPO; Roberta Bruzzone, Criminologist; Alessandro Meluzzi, psychiatrist; Sido Bonfatti, Presidente Banca Carim.

* speakers to be confirmed
updated programme at 10th of October


11 and 12 October – at 10:00

Auditorium “Ragazzi Permale”
In the community’s auditorium there will be a theatrical performance of prevention conceived of and produced by San Patrignano. “Ragazzi Permale” which has as its stars’ residents of the community who are part of the “WeFree” project. Recounting their own true stories on stage, this together with all the other WeFree activities, will reach more than 40,000 students across Italy during the school year 2016-2017.


11 and 12 October – at 14:00 – 17:00

This space is dedicated to meeting and listening, where celebrities from the world of culture, entertainment and sports meet the students who are participating in one or both days, talking about their experiences of achieving goals and realizing dreams, and discussing various issues of social relevance.

Tuesday 11 October from 14:00 – 17:00

1° ForuMio: STORIES FROM 3rd MILLENIUM (h 14:00)
In the pages of a book, on the radio or through a post on social, it is always of great importance. Different Paths one’s self and others. A writer, a singer and a teacher tell their vision for today’s teenagers, sometimes misunderstood.

Invited Speakers:
Marco Missiroli, Writer Premio Campiello 2014, Italy; Enrico Galiano, Professor and ScuolaZoo, Italy; Matteo Caccia, radio dj RAI

The talent show is taking TV by storm and more and more young people will be at the casting calls hoping to realize their dreams. Shortcuts or opportunity? Judges, participants, winners and losers on the stage of this Forum to share with the young people present their experiences and share their advice.

Invited Speakers:
Rudy Zerby, Recording Artist,Italy; Marco ed Elisa, perfomers,Italy; LandLord, band XFactor 2015, Italy

Wednesday 12 October h 13.45 – 17.30


Can pain be transformed into opportunity? On the stage of this ForuMio an actress and a doctor to talk about different aspects of violence. Physical and psychological. Provoked or accidental. The result of fate or voluntary. A difficult subject, very timely, passing from the one towards women to that generated by discrimination. True stories from the big screen to the stage of a theater or on the pages of a book with extreme courage, to launch an important message, “Never give up!”

Invited Speakers:
Cristiana Capotondi, Actress, Italy; Gabriella La Rovere, Doctor, Author and Actress, Italy.

Every life is full of travel. Departures and arrivals trace the root of our choices. straight road or steep, obstacles or detours, the important thing is to return. The guys of San Patrignano theater company will read pages for the first time from Niccolò Agliardi latest book, “I owe you a return,” published by Bloomsbury.

Invited Speakers:
Niccolò Agliardi, songwriter, writer, Italy; the boys of Compagnia San Patrignano.

Every experience, whether positive or negative, can be a driving force giving new direction to one’s choices. Uganda, the Netherlands and Italy are on the stage of this ForuMio with stories from Abramz Tekya, rapper and b-boy from Uganda who is dedicated to the children of his country who are orphaned because of HIV bringing hope to their villages with tracks of Hip Hop, Christian Boschieri, former Milan dancer after his participation in the first edition of the Days WeFree chose to found in the Netherlands WeDoWe, a non-profit association that aims to enable people to change, and the book “Soffia forte il vento nel cuore di mio figlio” from Carolina Bocca, neither a writer nor a journalist but mother.

Invited Speakers:
Abramz Tekya, Breakdance Project Uganda; Cristian Boscheri, founder of WeDoWe, Holand; Carolina Bocca, writer, Italy.

Pascal La Delfa, director
Angela Iantosca, reporter
Luca Pagliari, reporter
Andrea Amato, reporter

* speakers to be confirmed
updated programme at 10th of october


11 and 12 October at 14:00 to 17:00

The ‘Space Experience’ is dedicated to the presentation of some Italian and international organizations that are active in youth projects.
They are all organizations that use art in its various forms, as a tool for growth and development, for discovering hidden talents and passions and that can offer students a direct involvement in these activities. There is six different workshops to create a fun and informative environment at the WeFree Days to illustrate the various possibilities apart from addiction. Up front there will be the residents of the community, involved in various disciplines and ready to engage students in various activities, from singing to making their own videos.


Termini Underground,, Rome, Italia – Drop Company, Italy – Orchestra Pepita, Italy – Fifteen, Great Britain – STAG, Italy – San Patrignano, Italy – Sballando/Ballando, Italy – Transformers, Portugal – Street Univercity Berlin, Germany – AIBES, Italy – WedoWE, The Netherland – Spoke N’ Heard, Canada – We Love 2 Dance, Portugal.



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WeFree Honors

The WeFree prize is intended for people who have distinguished themselves with personal and professional commitment to the protection of human rights and juveniles. The 2016 Edition will be presenting this award to:
Abramz Tekya, Break Project Uganda;