Wefree Days 2015

8th-9th-10th October 2015


live positive!!
by us, for you


The Community of San Patrignano has been pursuing for years, the project “WeFree”, wide network of prevention and interventions in Italy focused on “peer-to-peer education”, with the involvement of some kids from the community.

The”WeFree Days”, event designed and built with the help of the residents of the community, Will be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th of October in San Patrignano and represents the annual opening of this activity. There are three days dedicated to examining issues related to drug addiction and social unrest of young people. Our goal is to stimulate a constructive dialogue by proposing alternatives to the widespread tendency of dealing with the drug problem superficiality.

The event is attended by over 3.000 students from high schools across Italy, alongside representatives of the Italian and international institutions, United Nations and representatives of Italian and international associations active in the social sphere together with people from the world of sport, culture and entertainment.



The two scheduled meetings involve representatives from the world of therapeutic communities and the non-profit institutions. The speakers are asked to state their case informally in a room shaped like an amphitheater, where there is foreseen a planned interaction with the public. The audience is composed, based on the topics discussed, from operators, insiders, representatives of the involved institutions and the national and international voluntary associations participating in the event.

Friday 9th October 2015 – at 10:00

The future of youth: proposals to look ahead
With youth unemployment at 44 percent many kids are forced to seek opportunities abroad. And yet, in our country, something is moving. The experiences of the frontier of social enterprises that have started from the bottom to provide new answers, including vocational training, to marginalized young people outside the world of work.
Best practices in comparison.

Speakers Invited:

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive at Social Enterprise UK;
Roberto Leonardi, General Secretary, FITs Foundation; Italy;
Claudio Corbino,President Association “Diplomatici”
Presentation of Italian and European social enterprises case studies: Anna Fiscale, Progetto Quid, Italy; Christian Vanizette*, MakeSense.org, France; Steve Glover*, Director the Severn Project (UK);
Microcredit experiences: Antonello Nakhleh, Hello Dog di Villa Drusilla (Italy);
Antonio Tinelli, Coordinator Social Community San Patrignano.
Moderator: Stefano Muccioli, Journalist, Il Resto del Carlino

*speakers to be confirmed

Saturday 10th October 2015 – at 10:00

The economic and social costs of addictions
Costs for the purchase of materials, costs of enforcement and detention, social and health costs and lost productivity: in our country social spending in 2011 was 31.2 billion Euros (2% of GDP). We must also add to that the discomfort of the families, the enormous damage to social relations, the impact on schools and education in general. That’s why the recovery from addiction, as well as being ethically correct, is neened. In a study of the experience of the San Patrignano Community.

Speakers Invited:

Cosimo Maria Ferri, Undersecretary of State for Justice;
Martien Kooyman, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President EURAD, Holland;
Rowdy Yates, President of European Federation of Therapeutic Communities;
Giovanni Pieretti, Department of Sociology, Bologna University;
Engin Durnagòl, Public Prosecutor in charge of juvenile delinquency, Kahramanmaras (Turkey)
Moderator: Luigi Ripamonti* Journalist, Corriere della Sera
*speakers to be confirmed


8th – 9th – 10th October – at 10.00

“Ragazzi Permale” e “Lo Specchio” are the prevention shows designed and created by San Patrignano, which are based upon the lives of the residents of the community that are part of the project “WeFree”.
Recounting true stories from the stages of WeFree Days.


8th e 9th October – from 14:00 – 17:00

Space dedicated to meeting and listening, where people from the worlds of culture, entertainment and sport meet with students participating in two days of Q&A on issues of social importance.

October 8 – 2:00-3:15 pm
Giacobbe Fragomeni, boxeur; Stefano Gregoretti, athlete and founder Impossible2possible project;
3:30 – 5:00 pm
Anti-drug testimonial: Giovanna Valls; GianPietro Ghidini, Ema Pesciolino Rosso Foundation; Giorgia Benusiglio
October 9 – 2:00-3:15 pm
Carmine Amato, writer; Angela Iantosca, journalist and writer
3:30 – 5:00 pm
Yousef Bartho Assadiq, Founder of Just Unity; Daniela Lombardi, San Patrignano
Moderators: Davide Scalenghe, journalist; Pascal La Delfa, author and theatre director

*speakers to be confirmed


8th e 9th October – from 14:00 – 17:00 • 10th October – from 14.00 – 15.30

A lesson with Sanpa and kids from all around the world
Also this year the space ‘Experiences’ is intended for the presentation of some Italian and international acts active in projects for at risk youths, along with some residents of San Patrignano and involving students in interactive workshops.
This will be artistic and creative, in all its forms, to be used as a tool for growth and enhancement of their skills and passions.

The international and national associations invited:

Termini Underground, Italy; Drop Company, Italy; Orchestra Pepita, Italy; Fifteen, UK; San Patrignano, Italy Unity Charity, Canada; Transformers, Portugal; Street Univercity Berlin, Germany;

Groups of San Patrignano:

Six different workshops to animate WeFree Days and teach the kids something in a fun and entertaining way. In the chair there will be the young people themselves of the Community, working in various areas of training and ready to engage students in different activities, from singing to filming.

Sanpa Chorus Group
Audiovisual Group
San Patrignano Theatre Company
Sanpa Hair
The Boys of the kitchen
The students of the Hotelier Institute
Sanpa Farm

Clik here to know about all the Experience we have worked with for years


11th October

The WeFree Run is a race against addictions, to say yes to life. The third edition of this fun run organized by San Patrignano will be held entirly within the confines of the community. Participants will include 1,300 children of the community and outsiders who wish to enroll.