WeFree Days 2012

6th October

WeFree Days

After the success of previous editions, WeFree Day becomes WeFree Days, a two day event instead of just one, taking place on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October 2012 in Rimini, Italy. We will gather all together at San Patrignano with the purpose of sharing ideas, stories, getting to know the youth and their world.

Some of you guys might already know WeFree, having visited the community, having participated in previous WeFree editions. You could already be familiar with our WeFree philosophy. We believe that being really free means be able to live, love and enjoy life without any substance that could influence our way of being and how we feel.

For this reason we created WeFree Day, and we are proud have now a two day event which will host theater shows, forums, interactive workshops using arts, dance and music to tackle social problems, presenting innovative solutions to lack of opportunity, social marginalization and disadvantage youth. Moreover, we will have celebrities and youth best practices from around the world.

We Free Days is an event hosted and organized by the 1500 young men and women of the San Patrignano Community, and will be divided into four main areas: Forum, Theatre and Experience.


Friday 5th October 2012

10:00 – WeFree Show
“Fughe da fermi”

Theatrical show on drug prevention

10:00 – Forum
“Drugs in the mainstream”

Educational opportunities in recovery oriented treatment

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – 18:00 Forumio
Personalities meeting students

14:00 – 18:00 Experience
Interactive Workshops with youth international organizations

18:00 – Alcohol free Disco

Saturday 6th October 2012

10:00 – WeFree Show
“Ragazzi Permale”

Theatrical show on drug prevention

10:00 – Forum
“Emotion and information”

Peer to peer education strategies for drug abuse prevention

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – 18:00 Forumio
Personalities meeting students

14:00 – 18:00 Experience
Interactive Workshops with youth international organizations

18:00 – Alcohol free Disco


Subjects of relevance, discussed by experts and personalities from the public and private sector, including representatives from business, politics, the arts and social enterprise. This year the roundtable will be two, one for each day, presenting the following topics:

Friday 5th October 2012

forumDrugs in the mainstream
Educational opportunities
in the TC model

Use of mind altering drugs has become ever more widespread and socially accepted. Meanwhile, myriad new forms of addiction are becoming increasingly common: to food, sex, gambling, even video games. The evolution of this social dynamic provides a unique opportunity for the therapeutic community model: could this holistic and education approach, based on a medium and long term program of social interaction and life skills development, be the wave of the future? A discussion among experts in the field.
Kristina Blixt, Coordinator Basta, Sweden – Daniela Casalboni, Director Department of Addiction, Rimini, Italy – Simone Feder, President Federation COM.E, Italia – Rowdy Yates, President, European Federation of Therapeutic Communities – Frans Koopmans, Manager Public Relations & Prevention, De Hoop, The Netherlands – Richard Le Blanc, Founder, Woodwynn Farms, Canada – Father Antonio Mazzi, President and Founder, Exodus, Italy – Teresa Marzocchi, Councillor for Social Policies, Emilia Romagna region, Italy – Father Chino Pezzoli, Founder, Promozione Umana, Italy – Federico Samaden, Coordinator of San Patrignano associations – Giovanni Serpelloni, Director, National Anti Drug Department, Italy – Maura Tedici, Department of Addiction, Asl 11, Empoli, Italy

Saturday 6th 2012

forumEmotion and information

New strategies in drug use prevention
Young people are exposed to an ever increasing variety and quantity of mind altering substances. Informing them of the health risks is not enough. It is fundamentally important to engage them on an emotional level with a language close to their own. Schools, media and institutions are faced with a new challenge: updating the definition of the word “prevention”.
Thelma Celine Dethlefsen, UNODC Youth Initiative – Françoise Branget, former member MILDT, France – Gilberto Gerra, Chief, Drug Rehabilitation and Health Branch, UNODC – Richard Gil Kerlikowske, Director Office for National Drug Control Policy, USA – Jeff Lee, Executive Director, Mentor International, UK – Francesco Profumo, Minister of Education, Italy – Paola Severino, Minister of Justice, Italy – Antonio Tajani*, Vice President of the European Commission – Anna Maria Tarantola, RAI, Italia
* Speakers to be confirmed

forumioThroughout the days we will have forums specifically targeting youth called Forumio. They are meant to provide food for thought, fostering an interactive dialogue with celebrities, renowned writers, personalities from the show business and sport. All together we will discuss social issues and global challenges.
1caffè.org, Torino, Italia – Pippo Baudo, TV presenter, Italy – Giorgia Benusiglio, drug prevention ambassador, Italy – Alessandro D’Avenia, writer, Italy – DJ Intrallazzi, Italy – Noemi, singer, Italy – Dott Reed, singer, Australia – Pasquale Pozzessere, director, Italy – Marco Guazzone, musician, Italy – Roberto Orlandini, Dynamo Camp, Italy


Fughe da fermi Ragazzi Permale Disco No alcol
The auditorium of the community will host the teatrical shows Fughe da Fermi and Ragazzi Permale, the two formats of WeFree, the prevention project created and run by San Patrignano.

At the end of each day you are all invited to celebrate the beginning of Wefree 2012/2013 at the No Alcohol Disco set up in the auditorium.


From the 29th September to the 6th October 2012, San Patrignano is hosting youth best practices from around the word. All these organizations fight against social exclusion, lack of opportunity and social marginalization both locally and globally. All of them use art, in different ways, as powerful tool to provide a chance in life and to foster social reinsertion.


ALI Onlus – Italy
aliALI is an integrated art and education project specialized in the application of art in addressing social issues. Through art, different people with diverse social, cultural and generational origins can connect.


Centro giovani di Dravinja Valley MCDD- Slovenia
sloveniRecreational and educational Center targeting youth from 15 to 29 offering professional trainings, language and art courses preventing school drop off and drug addiction among youth in Slovenske Konjice.


Contourella Dance Group – Italy
countourellaDance as a way of belonging. Hip hop, break-dance, and freestyle as means to social integration. The Contourella group has been working for half a century in collaboration with private and public institutions to realize projects addressing various social issues.


Fifteen – UK
fifteenSocial restaurant created by Jamie Oliver to give at risk youngsters a concrete opportunity to learn a job as chef, waiter and restaurant manager, thanks to a traineeship in renowned restaurants.


Unity Charity – Canada
Unity CharityUnity is a youth-led charity which aims, through its projects and events, to use artistic expression as a key towards encouraging young people to make positive life choices.



SkateistanThis NGO was founded in Kabul by two Australian skateboarders, Percovich and Sharma Nolan, which shared their passion for the sport with boys and girls of different social and ethnic backgrounds in war ravaged Afghanistan. Their efforts have led to the construction of the first skate park in Afghanistan where currently over 300 children are receiving training not only in skateboarding, but in fields like journalism as well as basic literacy.


StreetUniverCity – Germany
streetunivercityStreetUniverCity is a non-governmental educational association based in Berlin, offering a social, physical, and cultural and art education programme, the Master of StreetUniverCity for socially disadvantaged youth and young adults. Furthermore, they are a label for street culture in the field of hip hop and movie making, among other things. SUB has an internationally oriented network involving various partners from different urban art & media scenes in Berlin, Europe and the US.


AIBES Discoteca No alcol – Italy
aibesBeing sober does not prevent youth from having fun. AIBES No alcohol disco is an association promoting a national project on drinking awareness to foster social responsibility and safe fun.


Breakdance Project Uganda – Uganda
BPUA nor for profit organization that teaches break-dancing and hip hop to young people aged 7 to 20 which come from different social, economic, religious, and tribal backgrounds. The goal of the BPU (founded in 2006 by Ugandan rapper Abramz) is to promote positive change and an increased sense of social responsibility among Ugandan youth.


Companhia Urbana de Dança – Brazil
Companhia UrbanaThey support B-Boys born in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. A crew composed by ten dancers, escaping from poverty. The majority of them drop out of school and has no family. Under the direction of the choreograph Sonia Destri, they played in Broadway, at the Operá in Paris and at the Royal Albert Hall in London .


Global Changemakers – UK
Global ChangemakersYoung activists between the ages of 16 and 25 work with socially conscious entrepreneurs and well known personalities in a variety of fields to tackle today’s most pressing social issues. Sharing their experiences and uniting their strengths and skills, they have access to some of the most influential people on the planet.


Transformers – Portogallo
TransformersTransformers is a Portuguese pilot project with the goal of teaching adolescents in schools, orphanages, pediatric cancer wards and more through art, music, sport and other activities to positively influence local communities.


Responsabilidad Compartida – Colombia
responsabilidad compartidaThis project aims to raise awareness of the social and environmental damage caused by the cultivation and processing of the coca plant, from the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest to the pollution caused by the hazardous chemicals used to make cocaine. The main goal is not to point the finger at drug users, but to make them aware of the seemingly unrelated damage caused by their actions. Responsabilidad Compartida (Shared Responsibility) aims to create an International network that links government at all levels with civil society in the fight to protect natural resources in Colombia.

Do you want to come to the WeFree Days? Write us an e-mail: info@wefree.it. We are waiting for you!