WeFree Days 2011

15 October

Saturday, October 15 2011 San Patrignano Community

On October 15th, San Patrignano hosted WeFree Day, an event opening the prevention campaign for 2012. The aim has been to increase awareness about harms to health, society and the environment caused by drug use, trafficking and production. It involved the active participation of more than 2,000 high schools students, along with representatives from the media, the arts, industry, national and international political bodies, as well as Italian and foreign associations active in social issues.
We Free Day is an event hosted and organized by the 1500 young men and women of the San Patrignano Community, and is divided into four main areas: Theatre, Forum, Experience and Action.


Area dedicated to current themes, with the involvement of experts from national and international institutions. The roundtable will examine the complex connotations that the very term “drug” has assumed of late. It intends to look at the increasingly blurred boundaries between legal and illegal substances, and to investigate how demand reduction policy will adapt to counteract the subtle and yet evident trends in communication strategies that result in a society that increasingly identifies itself as “sick” or “addicted”.
Invited speakers
Carlo Giovanardi, Italy – Secretary at the President’s Council of Ministers
Gil Kerlikowske, USA – Executive Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
Gilberto Gerra, Italy – Head Prevetion and Health Department (UNODC)
Fabrizio Oleari, Italy- Head of Department of Prevention and Communication Minister of Health
Giovanni Serpelloni, Italy – Director, Anti-drug Policy State Department
Angelino Garzon, Colombia – Vice President
Juan Carlos Restrepo, Colombia – Executive Director National Counternarcotics Department (DNE)
Allen Frances, USA – Chief, DSM IV Task Force
Silvio Garattini, Italy – Pharmacologist
Ray Wagner, Canada – Attorney, class action Canada vs Purdue Pharma


Forumio is an area dedicated to listening, sharing and debate, where writers, artists, entertainers, have a meaningful Exchange with young people on a variety of socially relevant themes.
Invited speakers
Andrea Amato, Journalist
Rocco Ciarmoli, Comedian
Angelo Langè, anti-drug cop
Pasquale Pozzessere, director

Action Area

An area which actively engages everyone at “We Free Day”: students, best practices (“experience”), speakers and other well known guests.


An area dedicated to students, which will blend theater, dance and social impact.
Ragazzi Permale: Show presented during San Patrignano’s drug use prevention campaigns.
Wefree Hero II: At the end of the day this talent show will see the various young people representing the “Experiences” from all over the world fight for the title of “We Free Hero 2011”.


In this section, a variety of “best practices” from around the world working against drug abuse and social marginalization will be able to interact directly with the students and show their work. Here there will be direct, “hands on” interaction with the visiting organizations, which will be able to “show” and not merely “tell”.
They will be:
ALI Onlus, Italy
Breakdance Project Uganda, Uganda
Companhia Urbana de Dança, Brazil
Contourella, Italy
Global Changemakers, UK
Moose, UK
Responsabilidad Compartida, Colombia
Skateistan, Afghanistan
Sociedad Real, Colombia
StreetUniverCity, Germany
The Point, USA
Transformers, Portugal
Unity Charity, Canada

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