WeFree Days 2010

9 October

A day to meet people and have fun.
And think, together.

Forum: It Depends on Us

The use of drugs today is considered “normal” and in some cases a “civil right” to be safeguarded. Nevertheless, they have a devastating economic and social cost, both in the West and in the countries involved in cultivation, production and trafficking. The consequences are twofold. Firstly, the direct effects of drugs on the people who use them, manifested in negative consequences to mental and physical health. In addition, there are indirect effects, to the families, social costs to the taxpayers, loss of productivity, and costs tied to law enforcement. The damage, characterized by violence, war, exploitation, is exacerbated as the lines between producing trafficking and consuming areas is blurred.

Viviane Reding
A member of the Luxembourg Christian Social People’s Party, of which she was Vice President from 1995 to 1999. Ms Reding then went on to take on important roles in the European Union, first as Commissioner for Education, Media and Sport until 2004, then for a further six years as Commissioner for Information and Media. Since 2010 she has been Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship as well as Vice President of the European Commission.

Angelino Alfano
A member of the Italian budget and treasury commission from 2006 -2008. In 2008 he was re-elected to the Italian Parliament with the PDL party. On May 7, 2008 he was appointed Minister of Justice.

Alexandre Schmidt
As regional representative for West and Central Africa for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), he oversees a veritable crossroads in the drug trade between South America and Europe. In fact, in 2009, he reported that Nigerian and Colombian drug traffickers were not only using West African ports as transport points, but also processing cocaine and synthetic drugs en loco.

Luigi Gubitosi
Mr Gubitosi is the CEO of WIND Telecommunications. From 1986 to 2005 he held a variety of roles in the Fiat Group.
He teaches international business economics
at the LIUSS Guido Carli University in Rome.

Carlos Enrique Robledo Solano
Vice Director, National Anti Narcotics Bureau, Colombia

Forumio: The forum made by me

A space dedicated to listening and sharing, where personalities from the world of entertainment and sports take a closer look at social issues. Today you can meet and dialogue with DJ Linus, famed cop Angelo Langè, TV investigative reporter Luigi Pelazza and international photo reporter Marco Vernaschi.

Linus, Deejay
His first radio appearance was in 1976, on a small local station. In 1984 he began working for Radio DJ (a large Italian national station) as well as hosting the “Dee Jay Television” program until 1990. In 1991 he began working in talk radio with Nicola Savino and in 1994 he was named Director of Radio Dee Jay, where his brother, Albertino, is also a DJ. Linus is also well known for his passion for running and marathons, he has run both in New York and London races. Since 2005 he has organized the “Dee Jay Ten” 10k competitive race in Milan. In 2007 he was named Artistic Director of Radio Capital. He works to promote safe driving in TV and print campaigns in Italy.

Angelo Langè, Assistant to the Head of State Police
Today, in our cities, drugs are everywhere and cocaine can be bought by anyone. Heroin is also ever more common, no longer the drug of “junkies” as it is most often smoked or snorted. Angelo has been fighting in this reality for twenty years. In his book “Vite in Polvere” (lives in dust) he tells a first person account of what he sees on the street. In it, he compares arresting drug dealers in Milan to bailing out the ocean with a spoon. Then why does he continue to do it? Because Angelo believes that being an antidrug cop can be done with heart: talking to criminals and addicts in the hopes that you can help them change their mind and start a new life.

Marco Vernaschi, Photojournalist
Originally from Turin, Italy, Marco Vernaschi has been documenting countries in conflict with incredible results. Working with the Pulitzer Center, he has traveled to Guinea Bissau, Bolivia and Madagascar, as well as India, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Belize. His work has appeared in Newsweek, National Geographic, GEI and Time magazine. This year he won the World Press Photo in the “Stories” category and in 2008-2009 he was one of ten winning journalists to be awarded the ODP Human Values prize. In 2006 he on the FUJIFILM award for photo reporting, in 2004 he was named young photo reporter of the year by the Italian Foundation for Photography. He was given a grant by the Nando Perretti Foundation in 2004-2005.

Prevention… what a show!

TheatreStories, songs, emotions. Serious scientific information on drugs and their effects. San Patrignano has twotraveling theater presentations: Ragazzi Permale and Fughe da Fermi. Both of them are starring youngpeople of the Community who have left drugs behind and who want to tell their personal stories.

Ragazzi Permale

Ragazzi PermaleA cross between a talk show, theatrical presentation andinvestigative report, Ragazzi Permale is a presentation whichaddresses young people about the issues with which they struggleon a daily basis – outlining the profile of the kid who is apparently “fine” but who is nevertheless going through a trying time in life, however he may react. The stars of this show are young people aged 18-25 from San Patrignano who have overcome problems of addiction and can explainto their peers what brought them to use drugs as well as what helped them leaveaddiction behind. The presenter this time is Roman actor, writer and director Francesco Apolloni who has been working with San Patrignano since 2004.

Fughe da Fermi

Fughe da fermiThis is the living diary of someone who, though words and songs, speaks of their real life experiences. The theatrical narrative structure takes us through references in literature, film and music where the audience becomes progressively more emotionally involved in the story as it goes forward. Stories are interspersed with scientific information on the physical, psychological and social damage done by drugs so as to be perfectly palatable and understandable to everyone. The show is presented by Pascal la Delfa, an actor specializing in theater, multimedia and language.

WeFree Hero

WeFree HeroHere is where the best dance crews who have come from the four corners of the globe compete. In the auditorium the day will close with breakdancing, hip hop and freestyle moves. The contest will begin with a presentation of a poem in sign language, by Il Mondo della FeLISità. Then presenter Tamara Taylor will present Tiny Toones, Breakdance Uganda Project, Amico Charly, the Tranformers, Schtifti, Unity Charity, Horda Esea and San Patrignano. A battle to the rhythm of music, with one on one challenges beginning in the quarter finals. The winner will be decided by the students in the audience.