WeFree Days 2014

10-11-12 October 2014



Friday 10 October 2014

10:00 – WeFree theatrical Show
“Ragazzi Permale”

Drug prevention at theater

10:00 – WeFree Award
Forum:Out of prison to build a better future.
Alternative Sentencing for offenders:
best practices fostering social reintegration

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – 15:15 The Meeting
“Dj Aniceto and guys of Sanpa meet the students”

14:00 – 17:00 Forumio
Personalities meeting students
“Cultivate your passions” – Gianmarco Dottori, songwriter; Jordon Testimonial Experience Unity Charity, Canada; moderator Tamara Taylor.

15:30- 17:00
“Importance of being free”– Attilio Fontana, showman; Alessandro Gallo, writer; Davide Scalenghe, reporter; moderator Pascal La Delfa

14:00 – 17:00 Experience
Interactive Workshops

17:00 – 17:30 Auditorium:
Snack and farewell

Sunday 12 October 2014

09:30 – WeFree Run

Saturday 11 October 2014

10:00 – WeFree theatrical Show
“Fughe da fermi”

Drug prevention at theater

10:00 – Launch Euromedia Research
Forum: Conscious Entertainment

12:30 – Present: Movimento Legalife

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – 17:00 Forumio
Personalities meeting students
14:00 – 15:15
“Healthy and blasting fun: between music and sport” – Gabry Ponte, Dj; Carlton Myers, basketball player; moderator Tamara Taylor

15:30 – 17:00
“Our life is the most marvelous book”– Falco Terzani, writer; Luca Abete, conductor of Striscia la notizia, moderator David Scalenghe.

14:00 – 17:00 Experience
Interactive Workshops


On both dates the panel discussions will count on prominent experts from the therapeutic communities, not for profit organizations, private and public sectors.
National and international speakers will present their best practices and research as well as sharing their expertise in the amphitheater setting, encouraging intervention and interaction from the public.
The audience will be selected according to the theme discussed and will include social workers, representatives from the institutions, associations and volunteers participating in the event.

10 October 2014 – 10:00 am

WeFree Award:
to Andrew Cuomo, for his commitment to and promotion of Social Impact Bond for Early Childhood and Child Welfare, Health Care and Public Safety Initiatives . Governor Cuomo will deliver a Keynote e Speech before the forthcoming panel.

Forum: Out of prison to build a better future.
Alternative Sentencing for offenders: best practices fostering social reintegration.
International best practices and shared expertise to respond to the actions and their legal consequences of drug addict offenders. Promoting opportunities for social reintegration of drug addicts which benefit the society as a whole.

Enrico Costa, Vice Minister of Justice, Italy; Jamey Hueston, USA Drug Courts; Gianluca Malavasi, Lawyer, Criminal Chamber of Bologna, Italy; Jean Hine, De Montfort University Representative of the EU Project STREAM, UK; Roberto Leonardi, Advisor Foundation for Innovation of the Third Sector; Nicola Boscoletto, Giotto Cooperative, Italy; Jorn Dangreau, Drug Courts, Belgium.

11 October 2014 – 10:00 am

Launch of the Euromedia Research on Youth Entertainment – presented by Alessandra Ghisleri
Euromedia presents a research on the meaning of entertainment among youth and how much it is related to going beyond the limits and getting high. Are they looking for deep emotions just to escape from routine and boredom? What are their real interests and needs?
Forum: Conscious Entertainment
What is the meaning of entertainment, today? Adolescence is a delicate and transitional period: youngsters search for their own identity and experiment.
They are looking for a perception of well-being as part of their personal growth and also a need of belonging to a group.
Is it possible for youngsters to have fun without abusing alcohol and drugs, seeing conflicting examples and input?
What are the alternatives offered by youth policies and what should be the educational role played by the families?

INVITED SPEAKERS: (*to be confirmed)

Stefania Giannini, Minister of Education, Italy; Beatrice Lorenzin*, Minister of Health, Italy; Maria Larsson*, Minister of Health, Sweden; Luigi Bobba, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Labor, Head for Youth Policies, Italy; Andrea Gnassi, Mayor of Rimini, Italy; Maurizio Pasca, President SILB, Italy; Antonello Bonci, Scientific Director NIDA, USA; Jon Sigfussøn, Director ICSRA and Director Youth in Europe Project – Drug Prevention Program, Island; Thomas Almgren, Fryshuset, Sweden; Matteo Lancini, Psychiatrist and psychotherapist.


10 and 11 October 2014- 10:00 am

Auditorium “Ragazzi Permale” and “Fughe da fermi”
In the Auditorium we are presenting the theatrical shows on drug prevention created and implemented by San Patrignano. “Fughe da Fermi” and “Ragazzi Permale” are starring young people in the recovery program who belong to the “WeFree” project . They share true stories which are reaching more than 40.000 around Italy in the school year 2014-15.


10 and 11 October 2014, 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Area meant for students who want to discuss social issues with prominent personalities in show business, sport, culture,
and with our international best practices, called Experiences.

INVITED SPEAKERS: (*to be confirmed)

Gian Marco Dottori, songwriter; Filippo Magnini, swimmer; Gabry Ponte, Deejay; Alessandro Gallo, writer; Davide Scalenghe, reporter; Attilio Fontana, artist; Aniceto, Deejay; Luca Abete, envoy “Striscia la notizia”, Italy; Carlton Myers, sportsman and anchorman; Folco Terzani, writer and documentary filmmaker;


11 and 12 October 2-5 pm

Dedicated Locations
In the Area “Experience”, national and international best practices in the field of drug prevention, social malaise and marginalization will run interactive workshops.
They use arts, in all forms, as powerful tool promoting social reinsertion. In the workshops the participants will get engaged in activities and not just listening to inspiring stories.

INVITED ORGANIZATIONS (*to be confirmed)

Termini Underground, Italy – Contourella Dance Project, Italy – Ballando/Sballando, Italy – Orchestra Giovanile Pepita, Italy – Fifteen, UK – San Patrignano, Italy – Unity Charity, Canada – Transformers, Portugal – Street UniverCity Berlin, Germany – Break Dance Project Uganda*, Uganda.


12 October 2014

WeFree Run is small marathon against addictions, to promote life.
The second edition of the non-competitive run organized by the San Patrignano will take place inside the premises of the community.