Drugs Off 2008

The San Patrignano Community has been working in the field of drug rehabilitation since 1978, with particular attention to prevention among middle and secondary school students.
This initiative has, since 2002, reached over 150,000 young people all over Italy through theatrical presentations and “peer to peer education”.

In order to bring attention to and follow up on these important projects, we are preparing an international event on October 11th, 2008 called Drugs Off Day, a whole day dedicated to sum up all the work done and to lay the groundwork for future projects.

We are aware that, in addition to drug abuse, there are many social problems in the world that do not find adequate answers. It is also fundamental that we bring attention to the vital role of non profits and social enterprise in combating these problems. Some examples that immediately come to mind are education, social exclusion and poverty.

Drugs Off Day will be chance for ‘best practices’ from international civil society working to face a variety of social issues to meet and exchange experience and methodology. San Patrignano on this day will host representatives from media and the entertainment industry, as well as businesses and local, national and international institutions. We ask those present not only to share knowledge about their work but to show us with concrete examples the value and social impact of their activities, so that new opportunities for partnerships and development may occur.