WeFree Days

The WeFree Days are our days! That we organize here in San Patrignano, where we invite groups of people from all over the world to share their realities and to join in the discourse on drugs, troubles and prevention together with 3000 high school students from throughout Italy.
But at the Wefree days we don’t just talk!
We participate in theater, interactive workshops, meetings with people from the world of culture and entertainment to get to know each other and to get involved. Everything to help show that a different world is possible: it depends on us.

Because we do not want to be turned off, we do not want to give up, we do not want to say ‘So what, nothing will ever change’. We have a lot of enthusiasm, energy and we are ready to put them in the field to disseminate the possibility of a positive lifestyle.


Would you like to participate in WeFree days?

Contact Us Now! Call tel +39 0541 362111
For organizational reasons, we can not accommodate more than 1,000 students per day, therefore priority will be given to those who join first. We’ll be waiting!