The Mirror

Fragments of a [email protected]

Lo specchio,Frammenti di una favol@cida

Thoughts, memories, emotions and songs: the life of a girl who is in the recovery program at San Patrignano, is told in a mirror, where the important moments of her adolescence, her estrangment and her self-destruction path come flowing out. The testimony, accompanied by videos, images and evocative music, is guided in essential points from the presenter, the director and actor Pascal la Delfa.
Childhood, adolescence, early anxieties, loneliness, relationship with family and friends: everything flows between strong memories and emotional moments of introspection, enhanced by the meaningful interpretation of the leading actress, while being the witness to herself, is also an extraordinary actress and singer.
The show, which also includes references to the world of social media, ends with a touching moment of catharsis that involves the entire audience.



Pascal La Delfa

Roman by adoption, Pascal La Delfa graduated from the School of Dramatic Arts Triennale “The Ladder” in Rome in 1993 under the direction of Joseph Manzari. Thanks to the various seminars made with masters such as Dario Fo, Marcel Marceau, Hal Yamanouchi, since 1991 has extensive experience in theater, film and television. Graduated as “Art Counselor”, is expert in artistic languages and multimedia support to under privaledged, studying at University Political Science, Journalism and Educational Sciences. For some years he has devoted himself, in addition to the profession of actor, also teaching with courses, seminars and internships of a high level in Rome and in the provinces. Since 2005 he has been artistic director of Accent Theatre of Rome. For years involved in community Theatre, founded in 2007 The first Operators School for National Social Theatre, sponsored by ETI (Italian Theatre).


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