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Visiting San Patrignano

Every year, about 15,000 people visit San Patrignano. They are mostly students but often we receive the visits from associations and cultural groups. We accompany them through what is our home today, showing them a little bit of what our life is like here. Then everyone goes to the theatre, where we organize debates and discussions in which we exchange ideas and we get to know each other a little bit better. We don’t want to teach anyone anything, but we think that with sharing our experiences perhaps we can get them to start thinking about the dangers of drugs and the realities of addiction. And maybe raising that awareness can help someone to stop and think for a moment before making a potentially life changing decision. After the visits we like to keep in touch. We have our own blog dedicated to that.


School Visits

Many teachers and students that we meet during our theatrical shows or visits at San Patrignano ask us to speak at their schools, talking to the students about youth issues. In this way the guys of San Patrignano take their story to the classes by talking about their experiences of drug addiction to the high school students and those attending the last year of junior high school. In fact there are numerous requests of teachers who recognize that the crossover to high school is a really delicate and special moment for teenagers. The dialogue with students and teachers continues after our presentation, thanks to interactive spaces that we have made available: blogfacebook and twitter.


To visit San Patrignano:

Communications Office San Patrignano
Via San Patrignano, 53-47853 Coriano (RN)
[email protected]
tel +39 0541 362111
Fax +39 0541 759799

For an invitation to come and speak at your school:

Secretary WeFree
Via San Patrignano, 53-47853 Coriano (RN)
[email protected]
tel +39 0541 362111 – Fax +39 0541 759799