The pieces I have deleted

Receiving help from other’s compassion. Or just for their superficially felt burden?  No one looks at people’s pain in their eyes. Not knowing what I feel other than desperation to which one dies. My closed off run for, better a blade to my throat  But nobody listens to me I’m dead no expressions on my […]

No one grows alone

I thought I was already big because I knew how to take care of myself and who was close to me, without asking anything to anyone. I always found ways to solve my problems in my own way. It was a long time that I was living in the streets. I was in an abandoned […]

Freezing repairing stones

In my inner walls, I could not see any further. But in the Franciscan monastery, I see light on things, all amplified. The light, which pallidly illuminates the cold rooms, flooding everything in the vicinity of the windows, is also of course, the sense of reaching positivity; after years spent in suffer and discomfort of […]


The outskirts of cities are strange places, architecturally empty but if you look deeply into them, there is life inside. The council flats are all the same, like human hives, where lives are a great variety of people, poor people, pensioners, traffickers, immigrants, apartment mice, workers, drug addicts and families. All there, together, to share […]

How to continue

At the beginning of the drama, I found myself leaving Italy. I was too young, but at 15, I preferred to go to boarding school in England with international people. However, each nationality made group with their respective one, I was alone. There were two Italians who reflected the feeling of exclusion that I already […]

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