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At lower voice

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A ray of sunshine that came through the window, continuously lit up the desk halving it, hence separating me from the formal man, who kept talking to me, I would say uselessly. Long moments of silence filled up the room, I didn’t speak, and I wasn’t going to allow others to look into my thoughts, […]

This time I'll do the right thing - WeFree

This time I’ll do the right thing

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Fulfilling the blank in front of me I had already been using heroin for a year. At 15, the relationship with my family was increasingly deteriorated every time I entered the house there was a fight. My father did not accept my behavior and I did not miss an opportunity to react with violence. With […]

Learn to love yourself | WeFree

Learn to love yourself

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Start Again At 18 I met Viola. Although, I already knew who she was, because in our town we all know each other. She was beautiful and small. One Saturday night, after a night out, we went out together. At home, it was one in the morning; I was drunk, maybe that’s why I found […]

Love had saved me - WeFree

Love had saved me

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The best choice for my life At 24 years old, finished university, I met a guy who used heroin, I fell in love and we got together. In the end he was so different from me, I also liked to get high… I thought my life could not get worst than this. Since then, however, […]

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Flourish from rubble

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Rediscover yourself I was just over twenty years old. My life was made out of parties, discos, drugs and fun. I did not think about anything else. I lived in Novi in Modena and on the 29th of May 2012 there was an earthquake. You can imagine the situation. My mom and my brother were […]

I chose to live for me and for my daughter - WeFree

I chose to live for me and for my daughter

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Sitting on the couch watching at the Christmas tree lights that illuminate intermittently. It’s snowing outside. Right now I am thankful to live far from the city center. In the driveway of my neighborhood a few cars occasionally pass. Only a few cars. Christmas. New year’s Eve. The holidays. To cast away this wistful thinking, with a phone card I draw a white line of cocaine that I snort fast and furiously, as I’ve been doing so for days, since I answered that call, that call that I had expected for days, “Mom ….hi. I can’t come for Christmas Mom … I’m staying with Dad. It’s better. So you can take care of yourself Mom … Do you understand? I love you. Bye. “ My daughter. The shot of coke rises. Clenching my jaw, clenching my fists I get up and go to the window. The patio is covered with snow. On the grass, whitewashed and scattered, the remains of the gifts that I had prepared for her, for my little girl and that I have now destroyed blinded by anger and pain caused by those words. I’m crying right now. I am crying because that pain does not pass despite cocaine, despite the alcohol, […]

Like a golden fish

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We are embraced on mother’s bed. Tomorrow will begin a new chapter of our lives. We, inseparable brothers, united by an unusual destiny. I hold his hand, I look at it, and every time I lose it in his green eyes, so deep and mysterious that you can never figure out what is he feeling. […]

Tomorrow will be better

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It’s snowing a lot today. Outside everything is completely white and silent, the snow dampens every sound and makes the landscape around surreal. I like all of this; I like to slowly walk under the snow flakes, the sound of my steps is my only company and I like to take these moments to think. […]

San, added to my name

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For me “San”, added to my name would be like being summoned by the emperor of Japan. I do not know for what devilry of fate I am afflicted. However,  I was born in Japan, but from Slavic parents. My mother had been offered a job in Japan, they paid her the ticket, once she […]

The uncontrollable held

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I had a friend called Daisy, she decided to join the army. We both came from a complicated past. I lived in a bubble, I practiced individual sports, refusing agonistics and studying. I simply did it to release myself, I was shooting thriller short films and on Saturdays I saw acquaintances for a couple of […]

The pieces I have deleted

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Receiving help from other’s compassion. Or just for their superficially felt burden?  No one looks at people’s pain in their eyes. Not knowing what I feel other than desperation to which one dies. My closed off run for, better a blade to my throat  But nobody listens to me I’m dead no expressions on my […]

No one grows alone

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I thought I was already big because I knew how to take care of myself and who was close to me, without asking anything to anyone. I always found ways to solve my problems in my own way. It was a long time that I was living in the streets. I was in an abandoned […]