I wake up in the morning I hear beating and screaming, I turn around the guy who was with me is not there, I see him and he tells me to get dressed, afterwards I see a policeman emerge from the window with the gun pointed at me … and I think “okay this time they will put me in jail ”

I hear the policeman who says to open the door, the guy who was with me opens to him enters the room where I was, looking at me” You’re here too?!?!?! ”

I see the policeman on the balcony lowering his gun after his affirmation question. I leave the room I see 2 other people that I knew but that I did not know were there to sleep. We leave the abandoned school and there are 3 police cars.

The policeman I know takes me aside and asks me if I have anything on me, heroin or syringes,

I tell him no. We arrive at the police station that withdrawls begins to be felt, they make us sit in a room, I am bent forward I begin to feel sick, another policeman I know enters, but I do not see him, but I hear him calling me and asking me if I feel withdrawl sintoms, I nod my head to him, he approaches and tells me that I should go back to the rehab.

That attention of his makes me feel strange makes me feel someone is making me cry … but I can’t, I can’t afford to do it I can’t allow this feeling to soften me … but I think he understands it because he smiles at me, it makes me smile too me my eyes can’t lie especially like this without the heroin armor anymore

They make us move to another room with two kinds of beds and I don’t know how long we’ve been there,

I just know that I was starting to feel worse. Finally they let us go … let’s go straight to the station to get what we need to get better.

On the way I think about the attentions of that policeman, the bad mood starts to take over, and I think:

“I have to get to the station as soon as possible to silence the thoughts that start making more and more noise in my head … tomorrow I will think about what to do now I want just feel good.

Taken from “Sanpanews – Voci per crescere” N ° 53 February 2021 
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