Eternal wandering

Life is all about choices. Some beautiful, fair and clear when we make them. Choices that make us feel in seventh heaven as if we have finally grasped that meaning of life we ​​have read so much about, which we have heard so much about.

Others are terrible and the price to pay for doing them is often devastating. It is never easy to make peace with heart and mind, emotions and thoughts, feelings and intuitions. We are eternal wanderers who roam this. Earth looking for everyone, some less and some more, the exact same thing: their place in the world. A new love, a new job, a new home, all things united by the same denominator: the search for something. But then why when we reach it then we get tired of having it in our hands? Why do we get distracted when we get to the point? Why when we finally manage to feel, to feel emotions, do we run away frightened by that too much that we cannot manage or accept? The joys make us feel the fire inside, the disappointments, daughters of expectations, forge us and perhaps they are the greatest teachings that we carry within us for what is to come. Awareness of who we really are is perhaps the biggest obstacle we will face in our life. There is no greater courage than those who accept without excuses who they really are and carry them forward to the end regardless of the judgment of others. This life is an almost brutal escalation of fantastic moments alternating with moments of despair. But isn’t that what makes us feel alive to the core? We are produced to maturity, our time is limited, but nothing is stronger than life, and nothing hits you as hard as it does. We are alive, let us remember this more often, and let us remember more often that we must live.

Taken from “Sanpanews Con parole mie n.48 sept 2020