Twists, stories of life and rebirth at Ikea

Meeting with the guys of WeFree, the San Patrignano prevention project in the Rimini store of  Ikea

Greta was a lonely insecure little girl when she was growing up. Her parents had separated when she was young. She grew up in an extended family where she often felt alone, set aside, in second place. Ivan, however was an only child, good at school and at home. He had everything: friends, attention, everything he asked for. But gradually, for fear of not living up to expectations, he began to build a walls around him. Two people, two very different stories that meet on a common ground: that of addiction.

They are residents of San Patrignano and on Saturday, November the 11th, they will be protagonists of the meeting “Twists. Life Stories” at the Ikea Rimini store, an initiative open to the public, and a collaboration between Ikea and San Patrignano. The will tell their story and spread the word of the WeFree drug prevention project.

Ivan and Greta will host a round table discussion on addiction in its various forms with the aim of making the behaviors of those who are at risk clear, and the dangers of substance abuse.

The WeFree project each year involves about 50,000 students and is based on the fourty year experience of San Patrignano. Knowing the usefulness of information on the risks associated with drug use, WeFree’s team have communicated their message through various mediums: shows, presentations, school meetings and debates, and are capable of responding to requests from educational agencies, organizations and companies or foundations. Since 2002, the residents of the community carry their message of living responsibly throughout Italy.

The meeting is scheduled at 5 pm at Ikea Rimini at the store’s dining area.