Generosity and passion: here is Pascal La Delfa

There are people who have talent but who keep it and protect it jealously. Without allowing anyone to access it. But there are also different people. That share their talents and show it unreservedly. Pascal La Delfa is one of these. A director and an actor committed to spreading theater as a tool for redemption and social inclusion. As a road that everyone can walk and undertake to re-connect the threads with their own story, to once again feel the uniqueness of their voice, to re-ignite a flame that seemed to be permanently turned off.

With his great experience and passion Pascal will be one of ours during the WeFree Days. We will see him in the Theater space wih the Artistic Pole of San. Patrignano during the show “Lo Specchio” and then inside the Forumio space engaged in the roles of moderator to dialogue and dig with questions and comments in the lives and experiences of guests that we have already introduced to you. What else to say, dear Pascal, we are and are waiting for you.
Pascal La Delfa

Roman of adoption, Pascal La Delfa graduated from the Triennale School of Dramatic Art “La Scaletta” in Rome in 1993 under the direction of Giuseppe Manzari. For some years, besides acting, he has dedicated himself into teaching through courses, seminars and high-level vocational courses in Rome and the province. Since 2005 he has been artistic director of Accento Teatro di Roma. For years engaged in the activities of the social Theater, that he founded in 2007 the first National School of Operators of Social Theater, sponsored by the ETI (Italian Theater Company).