Fall to rise up – Marco Cristoferi, AKA Kira

Marco Cristoferi, AKA Kira, is not just a dancer but also a true artist. With the power and expressiveness of his body and a style that mixes different genres he has been able to write and tell the pages of his life: the difficulties that sometimes seem insurmountable, the times that one falls, but also the desire to fight, to do well and to reborn. This is Kira, a guy who comes from the streets, who grew up with hip hop as a passion, as a rule of life. A guy who with his performances managed to get straight to the heart of people. To enchant them and to engage them in moments of memorable empathy.

Many have only met him from far, on television, during his participation in Italy’s Got Talent. Many others, on the other hand, will have the fortune to know him closely during the WeFree Days 2017. Kira will be one of ours, in the Forumio congress. A unique moment to meet and get to know closely, a great dancer, a humble and talented person who with his determination has managed to do so much. Transforming the obstacles of life in opportunities, suffering in potentiality, and falls into launching trampolines.