Saturnino Celani

At the Forumio show, there will be an exceptional moderator: Saturnino Celani

He is a collector of jackets since a teenager, he also has a thing with eyeglasses. But his true passion is much older.
It is called music and is identified with a precise instrument: the bass. It is Saturnino Celani, a famous Italian bassist who, for over twenty years, has joined Jovanotti with whom he has a faithful and extremely creative link.
On stage, Saturnino has always been distinguished by his energy and unquestionable artistic qualities. On the other hand, outside the stage, he has also been able to take on different professional challenges, different from the musical field.
Being an eclectic and an all-rounder. At the WeFree Days he will be one of ours. Perhaps, without its bass, but not without his sympathy.
Saturnino Celani, in fact, will attend us as a moderator to present the journalist and writer Giovanni Terzi, author of “Shukran”. (Ti Salverò) I will save you”.
A book inspired by a true story, to a unique and dramatic story. That of a Syrian physician: Tammam Youseff who in an act of extreme own choice, has decided to rescue the son of the terrorist who killed his beloved brother.
A brave gesture and a demonstration of how, sometimes , respect for life can prevail over hate and ideology.

Bassist, composer and record producer, he is known by everyone simply by the name of Saturnino. Since 1991 he has been the bassist of Jovanotti with whom he has written very successful songs.
He has published several solo albums and collaborated with many Italian artists. In his book (“Testa di Basso”) “Head of bass”, he has traced the stages of his musical career.