Ophie is with me

Ophie is with me - WeFree

Surrounded by the clouds and the rays of the sun, the silent and soft flight over the noisy lands. I feel free and light and it seems that life from here is less ugly and painful.
The ropes are pulled and then a vortex of fire bursts out and a mighty sound comes out showing the immense power.
Ophie flies safely following the upstream currents, taking me away.
Far from everything that makes me suffer, my parents, my schoolmates, my friends.
I’m a little girl like the others, but reality has another flavor. My name is Sophie and unfortunately I am condemned to suffer for the sake of a sick society that is afraid of diversity.
I have long brown hair Not many freckles and …. I know I do not reflect the ranks of perfection, but often I wonder what do they think is wrong of me.
Why doesn’t anyone want me? Why can’t I be like the other girls in school?
How come no one wants to hang around with me?
All but Ophie, she’s a real friend, she’s always with me, she helps me overcome the difficult moments, she gives me courage. Yes, it is true, with her I feel confident; She’s always at my side when I need her.
Ophie encloses all the colors of the rainbow and when it is flooded by the rays of the sun, she shines like a myriad of mirrors, showing to everyone her immense beauty and her big blue eye brighter than the sky,
looking at everything then she goes down from the top, taking me home, safely. Ophie is my hot air balloon, I know it may seem a crazy tale but it is not so. Ophie is actually just the design of a balloon, a drawing engraved on the pages of a Diary.
My grandmother’s diary made of wood, cloth, paper and love, the only one I felt that she really accept and understand me, a gentle, kind person, always close to me. She taught me to believe more in myself and to face the hindrances of life with courage.
I’m just a sad and lonely girl who cannot find my own place in the world. My schoolmates mock me every day and it is in those moments when my anger is so strong and my pride falls apart, that I would punch the whole world, but I remain there, suffering.
And then comes Ophie and at that moment the noises And the people around me vanish and I stay alone with her, I jump in and all my anger disappears, the pain seems to no longer exist.
Then I open my eyes again and I realize I’m still there and then I’m smiling because I do not feel alone anymore, Ophie is with me.