Black and Beautiful

Black and Beautiful | Wefree

Now reality for me is a beautiful song.
I walk under this gray sky of which shades I don’t miss out. This sky that someone would say: “It doesn’t promise anything good” but as far as I know, the mere fact that it’s there above my head, is the confirmation that it has kept the promise it made to me in those days when I could not look at it.
While walking step by step the landscape around seems immense and boundless, feeling tiny now that I can walk losing myself. I curiously look on roads and country lanes that seem to me like the only choice that has been put in front of me.
While walking, slowly the day became evening and the evening became night, the first night.
Talking, joking, I imagined and told a thousand times in a thousand different ways, my first night, I had drunk wine, liquor and coffee, sweating and grinning between the thighs of a beautiful black whore.
Very often reality is very different from imagination, but it is not always the worst, in fact, now I’m here, drunk of life to sweat emotions between the thighs of a beautiful black night.
I walk under the street lamps that illuminates my first night, I walk and I seem to be looking for something, I’m sure that if someone saw he or she would think: ‘I wonder what that guy is looking for in the street at this time of night?’.
I wonder what I’m looking for? I wonder as I walked.
A lamppost after another, one step after another, I seem to find something in my shadow, a shadow that follows me at times and at times exceeds me, It walks under my feet, it fades, then disappears to reappear in front of me behind my back, depending on how far away the streetlights are from me.
Now the light is right above my head and my dark companion has almost disappeared under my feet, I stretch the right leg, I take another step, then another and suddenly I understand, what I was looking for.
These lamps are so many, their light is fake, artificial, but in a few hours the sun will rise, the true light that heats, it will be low in the horizon drawing my shadow into small, thin and long, the shadow of what I will be.
My future is what I was looking for and I had it under my feet, I was treading it.