At lower voice

At lower voice - WeFree

A ray of sunshine that came through the window, continuously lit up the desk halving it, hence separating me from the formal man, who kept talking to me, I would say uselessly.
Long moments of silence filled up the room, I didn’t speak, and I wasn’t going to allow others to look into my thoughts, entering my world.
Feeling almost chained to a chair, anger biting at my stomach, but my body was too weak to be able to react, as it would have liked. The words of that doctor were talking about solutions, measures and something that I was not hearing, I mentioned something than my 14 years, but I stopped and listened.
I had to get. My father was waiting for me outside; he would have taken me home, unaware that to me it was no longer safe.
I kept wondering what I was still doing inside that hole and what he wanted from me, trying to evade his eyes, I lowered my head. Those solid lines that made their way into my arms, leaving the mark of a pain that I could not express and that no one could seem to understand. Then suddenly I saw him get up, and get close to the old folders stored on the shelves of the old cabinet.
Gently he put a photo on the desk, talking to an old group that once had passed through that room. That same hole where I found myself. I did not understand what he wanted to tell me with this gesture, then I gave a ‘quick look, quickly trying not to see. But among all those faces, one struck me in particular.
My, I reflected on the glass desk. Same as those of the picture.
For a moment I missed my breath. Eyes dull and absent, gaunt face and felt pain.
I turned abruptly and looked at the face of my mother. Pain, the same ravaged face.
My reflection in my mother’s …
A tear marked my face.
I looked at the face of my mother; it was so much that I could not see.
The image of his eyes had stopped tormenting me even when I tearfully injected other dose, almost begging me to stop.
My mom.
My eyes filled with tears trying almost endearing to see her so much in need of ‘help, with those sad eyes.. I saw my reflection, ready to remind me of what I had become.
I whispered Plan … “mom…”
Then I looked up again, this time facing her.
I threw out the tears that filled her my eyes, took a breath and said in a low voice
“Please help me”.