I can no longer look you in the eyes

I can no longer look you in the eyes - WeFree

It's night. The deserted streets echo of yet another summer night, slowly it disappears, giving way to early dawn. Windows near the top, amid the urban cluster, are already filled with the early morning, an inexorable announcement of another boring day of work. Filled with the aroma of coffee, the windows open, letting in the fresh air, thus, depriving man of his last remnants of sleep.

Luke comes home on a morning exactly like this. His turned around, working hard at the stove. Gave way to the rituals of breakfast time. Like a good mother, every morning for the last 23 years, gets up before everyone at 4.45 and turns on the coffeepot for two. For her and her husband. He works at railways and is at work at six since before can remember. They were so young and so in love when the pregnancy test came back positive. There was no time to think about the future, you had to start making a living now. at that time the State Railways were the only alternative. Then, at 5.15, while her husband is in the bathroom shaving, Luca's mom puts on the second coffee pot. One for the kids. Those young men! Two beautiful kids that all her friends envied. Tall, strong, athletic and handsome, but especially because they were university students. Why not them, they too should get up every morning at five.

Simon, the youngest, is in his first year of law school while Luke in his second of computer science. Luca, the genius of the pc. 'Ciao ma', say Luke but gets no response. This is no time for a decent boy to be getting home. "Is dad awake inquires Luca hoping to avoid a rant. Meanwhile in the fridge he has found some leftover chicken and slices of cheese. "come on mom, don't be like this, it is not like anyone dies if once in a while I come home late. I'm always studying!". Trying the technique of poor son who studies so much that he just needs to take a breather. Meanwhile he put two slices of bread in the toaster and grabs the nutella from the shelf above the TV.

'OK whatever. what about the other night when Simon came back at thee in the morning. But he's your favorite? Anything goes for him!'. The chicken is done, Luke begins to spread a thick layer of nutella on toast. 'there’s dad!'. Bored Luca is preparing for a lecture. Rolling up the cheese slices as he did when he was a child and he shoves all in his mouth. Like he did in his childhood. One after another, he engulfs seven pieces. 'Hi Dad '. But his father does not respond. He sits in front of Luke and stares at him. Luke did not raise his head, doesn't want his father realize that he has red eyes.

"Everything OK at work?", taking a shot at some small talk while slicing some salami, the 'strabuono' that his grandfather makes. Silence. His father doesn't answer. Silent, looking at Luke. Then he lowers his head and concentrates on a packet of leftover crackers, as if they were the most important thing in the world. And suddenly he feels guilty about his much he's eating. Not so much because he knows that his father knows what he and his friends call it 'the Munchies', that craving to devour sweets and savory dishes that you get after you have finished smoking a couple of joints... But, because he no longer remembers how long it has been since he last look his father in the eye. Fortunately his mother went back to bed. Now Luke can get up to get a glass of water without having to risk her meeting his gaze.