WeFree Days 2019

October 8th and 9th, 2019

For years San Patrignano has been implementing the WeFree project, an extensive educational network within Italy using “peer-to-peer prevention schemes”, involving some of the residents in San Patrignano.

“WeFree Days”, an event conceived and realized within San Patrignano will held on next 8th and 9th of October at San Patrignano and it represents the annual opening of the activity. These two days are dedicated to examine issues relating to drug addiction and common problems among the youth. Our goal is to stimulate a constructive dialogue for the youths’ awareness on the danger and seriousness related to the current drug problem.

An event attended by about 3000 high school students from around Italy, alongside both: the Italian and the international institution-representatives. Also attending the event every year are social associations, cultural figures, sport and entertainment celebrities.

WeFree Days is divided into five thematic areas: Forum, Theatre, Forumio, Experience and Action Area.

Tuesday, October 8th

10:00am – WeFree Show – Auditorium
10:00am – Meeting/Testimony – Amphitheatre: Federico Samaden presents his autobiographical book  ‘Fotogrammi stupefacenti’. With Maurizio Fugatti, president of the autonomous province of Trento
12:15am – Action
12:45am-1:00pm  – Lunch
2:00 – 5:00pm – Forumio – Meetings with students
2:00 – 5:00pm – Experience – Interactive workshops with students
5:30pm – #selfree19 contest award

Wednesday, October 9th

10:00am – WeFree Show – Auditorium
WeFree Schools – Award ceremony
10:00am – Forum – Amphitheatre
WeFree Award ceremony
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00 – 5:00pm – Forumio – Meetings with students
2:00 – 5:00pm – Experience – Interactive workshops with students
5:30pm – #selfree19 contest award


Wednesday, 9 October 2019 – h 10.00 am

Fighting drug addiction: back to the past or new challenges?

While in the United States there is a real epidemic due to opiates, even in Italy we are witnessing an increase in overdose due to heroin and synthetic opioids, especially among the very young. New phenomenon or tragic recrudescence of a problem that seemed only a distant memory? What are the possible solutions? What the possible contribution of the communities? What are the alternatives we can offer to young people?

Opening remarks
Maria Elisabetta Casellati, President of the Senate of the Italian Republic

Invited speakers
Alessandra Locatelli, Italian Minister of Family and Disability
Vincenzo Spadafora, State Undersecretary for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with responsibility for equal opportunities and young people
Nicola Molteni, State Undersecretary for the Ministry of the Interior
Antonio Boschini, Vicepresident, San Patrignano Community
Mario Pollo, Sociologist, Professor of general and social pedagogy and psychology of new dependencies
John Avery, MD, Director of Addiction Psychiatry; Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College; New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Maurizio Mirandola*, President, COME Federation of educational communities
Enrico Coppola, Presidente, AGA (Parents against drugs association)
Franco Gabrielli, Chief of Italian State Police, General Director of Public security department
Moderator: Antonio Polito*, Corriere della Sera
* speakers to be confirmed


“WeFree Show”
October 8th and 9th   10:00 A.M.

In the auditorium of San Patrignano Community will be staged the theatrical shows conceived and realized by San Patrignano. Aimed at prevention, they have as protagonists the boys ang girls of the Community participating in the “WeFree” project. True stories are told from the stage, and  in the 2019-2020 school year, together with the other WeFree activities, they will reach about 50,000 students throughout Italy.


8 and 9 October – 14:00/17:00 – Amphitheatre

Space dedicated to meeting and listening, where people from the world of culture, entertainment and sports meet the students participating in the two days of the event, telling them about their experience to achieve goals and realize dreams, and discussing social issues. 

Z Generation, “selfie generation”

Digital natives raised with the smartphone in hand in a world populated by new technologies, used to building their own identities, but often inadequate in recognizing the dangers and pitfalls inherent in dependencies. Who are they and how to help them through positive cultural models.

Invited speakers:
Massimiliano Sechi, 31 years old, was born without arms and legs: «I teach to be happy, without excuses».
Lorenzo Ostuni*, 22 years old, is the most famous italian Youtuber, with 7,5 million followers and a channel with 4 million subscribers. «I advise everyone to surround themselves with people to talk to, true friends, but also to seek the support of their parents: it is the strongest weapon».
Alberto Meroni, Ezio Meroni, authors of the book “Discovering yourself Down”. A story about life, learning, working in a restaurant, sport and passion for volleyball, told by Alberto and his father Ezio.
Paola Egonu*, Afro-Italian volleyball player, as she calls herself, who brought Novara to the triumph in the Italian Cup. She is contended by the best clubs in Italy and Europe.
Paolo Ruffini*, tv comedian, director, film and theater actor. In March 2018 he debutes with the comedy happening “UP & Down” together with by disabled actors.
Frank Matano*, Italian youtuber, comedian, Actor.
Bruno Taioli and Dennis Martinez, Skaters
* speakers to be confirmed


October 8th and 9th,  2:00 – 5:00 P.M.

Experience teaches. And entertains. A large area of  San Patrignano Community is transformed into a large laboratory of artistic creations. Different workshops will have as protagonists the guests of San Patrignano ready to involve students in various activities. Music, design, art, movement and speech become simple, fun and engaging tools to help young people discover a world full of emotions and true sensations, and to help them find the strength to be free and give voice to their own. ‘Free hair’, ‘One planet one future and WeFree’, ‘Leave the mark’, ‘#selfree’, ‘#healthyfun’, ‘Keep the time’, ‘Wires of wine’, ‘Flowers and decorations’, ‘Four-legged friends’, ‘A little story’, ‘Reflections’, ‘Together you can – Sanpa Singers and Orchestra Pepita’ are just some of the activities that students will do together to represent themselves and their passions.



October 8th, 12:30AM

The Action moment represents a concrete commitment by all the event  participants, speakers, students, teachers and the San Patrignano guests, making a collective gesture to become “ambassadors” of positive messages addressed to young people all over the world.


9 October – Amphitheatre and Auditorium

Every year the WeFree Award is given for the commitment to protect human and young people rights.

Antonio Pignataro, Chief of Macerata police department, for the longstanding commitment and courage to fight against the smuggling.
Luca Bernardo, Francesca Maisano, authors of “Sottopelle”, essay inspired by 10 years of activity of the first italian Center specialized in combating youth distress.
Andrea Segré, Professor of International Agricultural Policy, awarded for his activities in favor of the environment.


The prize will be awarded to the three schools of Emilia-Romagna region that have joined the pilot project “Tutor for the prevention of addictions”, included in school-work alternation project and carried out by San Patrignano in collaboration with UnionCamere Emilia-Romagna and Regional School Office for Emilia Romagna – Ministry of Education, University and Research. The project, in addition to creating an organic connection between educational institutions and the world of work, aims to stimulate the sense of responsibility and social commitment that young boys and girls will assume in front of their peers in promoting healthy lifestyles, far from risky behavior.

Liceo Carducci – Ferrara
Liceo Alighieri – Ravenna
Liceo Serpieri – Rimini
UnionCamere Emilia Romagna