Do you guys know what an oboe is?

When they asked me…I said “it’s a tropical bird”.
Funny right? Sorry, I should clarify one thing:
I am eight years old
And I stopped going to school a while back.
My parents never told me what an oboe was
And I never asked them.
I knew what a guitar was
A piano, a violin and trumpet
But not the oboe.
Today I play the oboe
My teachers tells me that I’m very good.
I play in a band and we are called "Pepita",
Born in collaboration with the non-profit organization “Children in Crisis”.
I don’t know what is a non-profit organization,
I never asked anybody and nobody ever told me,
However, now I know what a “Children in Crisis” is.
I am a “Childern in Crisis”.
That’s why they sent me to the band Pepita.
Why I didn’t go to school,
Maybe because of the problems I had with my parents
With work
With the police;
There are so many types of problems, here.
I started playing the oboe
I found something I’m good at it and it makes me feel good.
I love playing the oboe.
I really want to do this.
To make it, my teacher told me that I have to go back school.
Okay I will, I said.
I have a project and I intend to fulfill it.
Now that I have dream I know which way I should go.
This year with the band Pepita
We will play a gig at WeFree Days,
An international event that takes place in the community of San Patrignano.
Its fun, there will be a lot of people
There are lots of fun things to.
My teacher told me that we should tell the guys and girls at school to come to the WeFree Days
That you are able to live without drugs
Without dependence.
Having dreams can make the difference.
I don’t know what drugs are
I asked what it is but no one explained it to me.
Everybody looked the other way
However I know what dreams are,
I know that I can really change things
Because I’ve seen it
And it happened also to me;
But I do not know how to explain in word, what had happened.
So I asked my teacher of the orchestra:
“Sorry maestro
but when we go to San Patrignano
to explain how dreams can really change things.
What can we say?”
He thought about it and then told me:
“you don’t have to explain a damn thing,
you just have to play the oboe
And they will understand everything”.
If you come, I promise that I will play the oboe very well.
See you soon!