Debates & Workshop

WeFree project

Here we talk about ourselves,
our stories,
of what we have been through,
but also about regained confidence,
relationships rebuilt
and all the small and big
achievements made
day by day.

The visit at San Patrignano

Each year, about 15,000 people visit San Patrignano. They are mostly students but often we receive the visits from associations and cultural groups. We accompany them through what is our home today, like this we show them a little bit of our life here. And then everyone goes to the theater, where we organize a debates and confrontations in which we swap ideas and we get to know each other a little bit better.We don’t want to teach anyone anything, but we think that with sharing our experiences, perhaps we can rise a doubt or a thought upon what may be the reality of drugs. Which is often a chosen path without any awareness. And maybe raising that doubt, can help someone to stop and think for a moment. After the visits we try to keep in touch with everyone we meet or at least we try! We have our own blog dedicated to that.

Engagement at schools

Many teachers and students that we meet during our theatrical shows or visits at San Patrignano, ask us to participate in school gatherings in their schools, to speak with students on youth issues. In this way the guys of San Patrignano bring their stories to the classes by telling their experiences of drugs and discomfort to the high school students and those attending the last year of junior high school. In fact there are numerous requests of professors who recognize that the crossover to high school is a really delicate and special moment of teenagers. The dialogue with students and teachers continues even after, thanks to interactive spaces that we have made available: blog, facebook and twitter.

Interactive workshop "The Mirror"

The interactive workshop "The Mirror" takes inspiration from the work of Luigi Pirandello "right you are (if you think so). A project developed for schools to not only be theatre but also a strong message of prevention, involving high school students. I become the mirror comparing myself with me and others. A moment dedicated to the young, where movement is combined with theatre and dance, suggesting ideas for reflection upon how we see ourselves and the people we enter into relationships with, focusing on the dynamics within the school.

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