The Field

The Field

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My first memories are that of a huge cornfield. The immense beauty of nothingness. A warm wind that caresses my thoughts. The sky is grey, quiet, and I’m almost afraid to look at it. An inverted sea the depth of a thousand clouds. I hug my mother, I take in her perfume and touch her […]



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They have always told me that you should never look in the mirror when you are high on ecstasy because you can ruin your trip. I did it anyway, and seeing my own face was terrifying: I looked like a monster. Michele was a 14-year-old kid, and he saw weed as just a hobby. It […]

This is who I am

This Is Who I Am

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I still haven’t quite figured it out. The same tired old refrain keeps repeating itself: “Lower your expectations of others”. I feel like I have a thousand razor blades caught in my throat, and in an instant everything changes. Anxiety. I start to gag, trying to spit it out. “I’m always the odd one out. […]

Friends at any cost

Friends At Any Cost

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“Look out everyone, here comes the black belt!” My schoolmate was teasing me again, pushing me into a corner, making people laugh at me. “Show us what you can do, black belt!” He came at me doing his best Rocky impersonation, and punched me straight in the nose. He split my lower lip open, staining […]

Termini Underground

Underground Movement

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For over twelve years Termini Underground has offered hundreds of kids in free dance classes. They have put on a huge amount of shows and achieved a tremendous success in achieving the goals that they have set out to accomplish.   By Cristina Lonigro   In what was once a tea break room for train […]

To Save Her, To Save Us

To save her, to save us

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I met Jessica at a video game shop. I went there with a friend of mine because we had an appointment with some clients. I was impressed. She was a B-Girl. I fell in love instantly. I began to go to all the places where I knew I could find her. After a while we […]

Wondering who I was

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I was dying inside … Middle school came. With me were two friends with whom I had always hanged around even at elementary school, and in that entirely new situation I stayed very close to them.  I was timid, closed and when I was with them I could feel a little safer. Because of my […]

When I was like them …

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When I was like them … I could run on my heels for whole nights without feeling them. Now, after half an hour my feet ache, so I walk barefoot or wear my trainers and … I’m happy. When I was like them … I drank to forget and I felt great. Now, I cry […]

“In san Patrignano the adult world in support of young people. The Minister: “Among families and school is a co-responsibility pact”

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Adolescence between the diversity and homologation. This was the theme of the second day of the forum of the WeFree Days, the San Patrignano community’ prevention event, realized thanks to Banca Carim and Lamborghini Trattori, tractors, with over 3,000 students from all over Italy. Exceptional Guest was the minister of instruction Valeria Fedeli: “I came […]