15 February 2017
Fili Spezzati - WeFree | San Patrignano

The phone rings, I hasten to answer. I look at the screen; it’s him at last. I smile; I've been waiting for hours.
"Come down, I’m outside your house!"
I put my coat and hat on when I’m about to leave the house. My parents look at me furiously and begin pounding me with questions, to which I have no intention to answer.
"Are you going out tonight? You cannot do what you want. You have also stopped going to school. What do you want to become? Are you going out with him again, aren’t you? He will drag you into hell. Don’t go out tonight, stay home.

10 February 2017
Wondering who I was - WeFree

I was dying inside

03 February 2017
I wanted to be a rock star - WeFree

Turned off my dreams

My story starts in Castiglione del Lago, a very pleasant village, immersed in the green hills of Umbria. Both my parents are from Calabria, my father worked for an insurance company and my mother was a teacher, they were both really cool parents, affectionate, loving, always present and since I was their only child, all their attention was directed to me.
Suddenly everything changed. We had to transfer back to Calabria, I abandoned everything, friends, home, the hills and all that was important to me.

05 September 2016
A thought for us - WeFree Days

"Wefree", we are free, is one of the strongest messages that touched me by San Patrignano, we are free only when we live free without relying on nothing. We are free when we decide to live up to our own ideals and not according to the ideals to a drug or something else.

24 August 2016
Julie and Chris - Wefree

“C’mon Chris don’t look at me like that, I feel embarrassed.”

“How else could I look at you, but don’t you see how beautiful you are?”

“… coming closer to each other,” Julie murmurs, like a breath of wind that caresses the skin. “Do you know that I dreamt of you last night? Being far away, I was shouting after you and you just smiled and looked at me. I was afraid that you had stopped loving me.”

17 August 2016
Flip Over - WeFree, San Patrignano

When i was little I was full of dreams and ambitions about the future, though I had always been a little shy girl and found it hard to bond with others. However in middle school I realized that I was snippy, arrogant and always in fights with professors and in the eyes of the other kids I suddenly became a really hot girl.

12 August 2016
Remembering that night - Wefree

One night, I was with the guys at a bar and that was the first time I heard, “pinning up and H” and that’s where I got curious and intrigued and continued to ask my friend until he told me the truth about it. I didn’t even know where to get heroin.
I’m not sure how long I said to myself that I must try it but when my parents decided to leave for holiday and leave me at home alone for a few days I decided that that was the perfect evening to organized a party with my friends, at least I thought being with them nothing major would happen.

09 August 2016
rough draft wefree

One foot in front of another, my feet don’t leave footprints on the sidewalk. No one knows where they are. Its half past seven, usually by this time mom has prepared a stew with peas and potatoes like every Friday night. I can’t feel my legs, I don’t know where I am going; walking with my thoughts and thinking about things that I can’t describe, while trying to dismiss the knowledge that sooner or later I’ll have to go home. I will have take the beating.

18 July 2016
The world is Beautiful because it’s Diverse - WeFree

I think that in the end we are not so different after all. Who? Us, I mean all of us. "The world is beautiful because it is diverse". Let us pause a second on this last phrase, "diverse", like someone's delicate facial features, or skin color, or country of origin, culture and language. Unfortunately, as "diverse" as frightening economic disparity, social injustice or inequality at birth a term that characterizes "The Middle ages" 1200-1500 A.D. Little has changed, or perhaps only the name we have given it has changed. What does the word "freedom" truly mean. .? The answers don't exist.

14 July 2016
I have to talk about you guys - WeFree

Hi, I’m here, with the encroaching darkness of nine o’clock in a bus over flowing with annoying little sounds. Glancing outside I sense the silence. But the silence outside doesn’t exist, certainly not on the A4. And yet I watch the trees floating bye, the concrete barrier, the far away lights, and see only silence. I see strange figures, that penetrate the air without a single breath, without the slightest noise. Sad sounds echo through some shabby stolen head phones. The figures aren’t strange they’re ordinary things .

23 June 2016
I want my colorful life back - WeFree

It was during middle school that my life changed completely and that serenity, those certainties, that world of affection, of friends, of colors, with whom I used to fill my sketch books, collapsed.

At school I was biggest and tallest of all the kids. Precocious puberty was what my mom said. Just this alone created a lot of embarrassment. I felt awkward around kids my own age. I felt more comfortable with an older crowd. Start hanging out with these two guys. With them is where I start to do drugs: first joints. And from there I never stopped.

21 June 2016
As a child they called me QUIQUI - WeFree

“My father draws”- I was proud, I'm proud of it now. I'm certain this is what i was thinking the first time I picked up a pencil.

All the kids do it, look at Maradona on TV and they kick the ball around and for me it was the same: I saw my dad use colors and I went out of my mind. I have never let that pencil go, not when I smoked my first joint or the when i smoked my last foil or even when my decisions were leading me down the wrong road, one that I didn't belong on.

17 June 2016
I can no longer look you in the eyes - WeFree

It's night. The deserted streets echo of yet another summer night, slowly it disappears, giving way to early dawn. Windows near the top, amid the urban cluster, are already filled with the early morning, an inexorable announcement of another boring day of work. Filled with the aroma of coffee, the windows open, letting in the fresh air, thus, depriving man of his last remnants of sleep.

13 June 2016
Me and The Goon - We Free

Comic books?!
A passion that began almost by accident, that grew from an unfortunate situation.
I was 10 years old and playing with my little sister, in her attempt to imitate me jumping and pirouetting she hurt herself, she had to be taken to hospital. I felt so guilty about the entire ordeal that I felt the blame rested squarely on my shoulders and I begin to cry , I cry so much that I think it’ll never stop.

29 March 2016

Matthew Signani WBA Intercontinental Champion after participating in WeFree Days, returns to San Patrignano. The ring has been set up at the community for rounds of professional fights and launches a message of hope to the residents highlighting that in life as in sport can only be overcome with willpower, respect and perseverance.

07 March 2016
wefree scarabelli

The residents of San Patrignano and the students meet to talk about addiction and adolescents.

It continues in Imola the WeFree campaign, the project of prevention from all forms of dependence that the San Patrignano Community develops every year for the duration of the school term with meetings, debates, discussions and performances throughout Italy.

24 February 2016
Thoughts and words

Knowing how to listen to yourself and knowing how to listen to others is really important. Knowing how to listen to others advice but knowing how to dicern the judgement of other and their influence on us.
Many times we are afraid to show our vulnerabilities for fear of being teased, not realizing that by doing this we get lost and forget about ourselves.
These are the messages that were left by the middle school G.Leopardi who were here with us on the 15th of December.

22 February 2016

At Castle di Godego, Loria and Resana five meetings between the young people of San Patrignano and students, families, individuals and parishes to talk about addiction and the difficulties of growing up.
WeFree, Three days of Meetings against Drugs Five events in three days to listen to stories from the residents of San Patrignano, who will bring their own personal experience of addiction and explain the route taken into the community to get out.

19 February 2016
Feet on the ground and head in the clouds

Around 15 years of age I began to get restless, I played a musical instrument and was good, but I was always alone, I felt lonely, the only thing I wanted was to eliminate that seemingly infinite emptiness. So on some Saturday nights I started to go out with classmates with who I felt comfortable and to be part of the group I smoked my first joint. For me, the class was divided among the nerds, the geeks with long hair who listened to the Beatles, the cool kids from MTV who talked bullshit and then the right ones who listen to Hard Rock.

18 February 2016
Wefree does prevention at bowling seventies

Tonight in Cerasolo the testimony of Leonard “New Generation Fun”

There will also be Leonards testimony, a boy who is completing his recovery path at San Patrignano, tonight at "New Generation Fun".

The WeFree prevention campaign of San Patrignano meets the project being promoted for the last few years called Bowling Seventies to encourage among young people a new entertainment model.

16 February 2016

“A dog at school": Four paws from San Patrignano at Ravenna for teaching responsibility”.

New cycle of prevention project supported by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio
Having a dog for a friend means to establish a relationship of trust, responsibility, care and selfless love.

Universal values that the new prevention project WeFree "A dog at school", promoted by the San Patrignano Community as part of "Free School" supported by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, to promote responsibility among students.