What is WeFree?

The WeFree Project comes to life
from our everyday experience with young people.
We know how useful it is raising awareness
on the risks associated with drug use,
we also know that often it is not enough:
it is crucial to engage the youth and
all people concerned,
excite them, provoke them to react.

What does it mean?

WeFree: seems simple, doesn't it? But what does it really mean to be free?
Some people think that getting drunk, smoking pot, or doing coke are ways of expressing personal freedom. We'd like to propose that it is completly the opposite. Becouse we know that being free, truly free, means to live, love and have fun without a substance conditioning our actions or experience.
Being "WeFree" means not being dependent on things outside of yourself. Sure that means drugs, but not only drugs other things too. It's about not feeling judged by others, the fear of not being "enough", the mirror, the scales and anything that impedes us from being ourselves.
The WeFree project was created from our involvment with young people. We understand how important information on the dangers of drugs are, but we know that it is often not enough: we have learned that to provoke a reaction we need to generate an emotion. for this reason, from 2002, we have been performing theatrical plays in schools all around Italy, based on people in the programs lives, those who lived it and survived.

Why does it depend on us

All activities realized by the "WeFree" project is caracterized by continued reference to a central theme "It depends on us". A chain that links the performances, information and events, which is based on two cardinal points:

Understanding the full consequences of what our actions have on us and others in the world, even those commonly voiced as normal "everybody is doing it", not dangerous "it's only one line"or equated with freedom of the idividual "I'm only hurting myself".

To comprehend that change is possible starting with the small behaviors we use everyday and the assumption of responsibility "I don't want to be an accomplice" that can make the difference.


Here we are:

Welcome to the WeFree World: a network of organizations active in the social field coming from every corner of the globe. We are talking about youth who are using arts, especially breakdance, theater, graffiti and hip-hop as tools for recovery and social integration.
The partners of our network share their passion for break dance with kids in the inner cities, getting them off the streets and back to school. They speak at international conferences, present their point of view to politicians and policymakers. They also reach out youngsters, giving them hope, and showing that there is a better way. Everyone can make a difference. It depends on us.
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