WeFree Days 2015

"It depends on us”
It's an event entirely dedicated to young people. Thousands of students from high schools throughout Italy, representatives of political bodies, national and international personalities from the world of entertainment, sports and youth, organizations active in the social sphere are participating and gathering here from all parts of the world. They all want to share a unique message “It depends on us”.

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04 May 2017
Giussano (MB)
istituto modigliani
06 May 2017
Matelica (MC)
Incontri a Scuola
15 May 2017
Ravenna (RA)
Liceo Artistico
Incontri a Scuola
15 May 2017
Ravenna (RA)
Liceo Artistico

Being "WeFree"

Means not depending on things outside of yourself. It means feeling free to be you, and not worrying about what others think of you. Being "WeFree" means making a choice, the right choice for you. It means thinking for yourself, even when it means going against the grain.


My music - 52 stories-wefree
18 April 2017

From an early age I felt something inside me. Emotions. Dreams. Like music. But I still couldn’t realize it. The only thing I knew was that the world was traveling at another speed, with other times whereas my dreams and I, had to adapt to others.

31 March 2017

A ray of sunshine that came through the window, continuously lit up the desk halving it, hence separating me from the formal man, who kept talking to me, I would say uselessly.
Long moments of silence filled up the room, I didn’t speak, and I wasn’t going to allow others to look into my thoughts, entering my world.
Feeling almost chained to a chair, anger biting at my stomach, but my body was too weak to be able to react, as it would have liked. The words of that doctor were talking about solutions, measures and something that I was not hearing, I mentioned something than my 14 years, but I stopped and listened.
I had to get. My father was waiting for me outside; he would have taken me home, unaware that to me it was no longer safe.

23 March 2017

Fulfilling the blank in front of me

I had already been using heroin for a year. At 15, the relationship with my family was increasingly deteriorated every time I entered the house there was a fight. My father did not accept my behavior and I did not miss an opportunity to react with violence. With my sisters I had no kind of relationship whatsoever, they only thing they knew was that I caused a lot of trouble. The worst thing was that I knew I was continuously causing trouble, but in order not to feel any remorse or guilt, I chose to stay high and never sober up. With drugs I gradually felt relived from thoughts, emotions, feelings; I was there physically, but mentally I was not there. I was constantly out of my mind and the few times that I was lucid was because I had no money and therefore no drugs.

Learn to love yourself | WeFree
20 March 2017

Start Again

13 March 2017

The best choice for my life

At 24 years old, finished university, I met a guy who used heroin, I fell in love and we got together. In the end he was so different from me, I also liked to get high... I thought my life could not get worst than this. Since then, however, everything sank. It was inevitable. Before I knew it, it was too late… my only thoughts become drugs, only drugs. Everything revolved around that and all the rest I did not give a shit about.


Blog WeFree

dal buio alla luce - wefree
26 April 2017

Ho un amico che ha un problema: si vede grasso. Cioè, non è solo una sua impressione, lui è effettivamente un po’ sovrappeso. Questo gli crea tutta un serie di problemi per i quali fa fatica a stare insieme alle persone e ad avere una vita uguale a quella dei ragazzini della sua età. Ad esempio, non ha a che fare con le ragazze. Non esce con gli amici, non che ne abbia tanti. Non si appassiona a niente, non ha nessun hobby. Ha provato a fare qualche sport, ma non gli riescono, perché è goffo, si muove male. Così ogni volta molla. Non c’è niente che lo appassioni.

Calze viola ciclamino - 52 Storie | WeFree
18 April 2017

Mi presento. Mi chiamo Silvia. Ho 30 anni. Sono della Vergine e purtroppo ne possiedo tutte le caratteristiche negative. Non me ne vogliano quelli del mio stesso segno! Sono abitudinaria e pigra, anche se a me piace dire che amo prendermela comoda. Pigra mi sa tanto di scansafatiche! Mi piace avere tutto sotto controllo, tutto preciso, organizzato. Gli imprevisti mi sballano il bioritmo, rischio seriamente di andare fuori di testa.

La Mia Musica - 52 Storie - WeFree
13 April 2017

Fin da piccolo sentivo qualcosa dentro di me. Emozioni. Sogni. Come una musica. Ma ancora non riuscivo a rendermene conto. L’unica cosa che sapevo, era che il mondo viaggiava ad un’altra velocità, con altri tempi e che io e i miei sogni dovevamo adeguarci agli altri.

Dibattito e Incontri WeFree | San Patrignano
11 April 2017

Incontro dibattito con oltre 160 studenti dell’Istituto superiore Meroni

format wefree
10 April 2017

Domani oltre 200 studenti dell’Istituto Superiore Bertarelli Ferraris di Milano parteciperanno alle iniziative di prevenzione targate WeFree, il progetto ideato e realizzato dalla Comunità San Patrignano per promuovere stili di vita sani e positivi sostenuto dalla Fondazione Cariplo.


The WeFree Project comes to life from our everyday experience with the young people.
We know how useful is raising awareness on the risks associated with drug use, but we also know that often it is not enough: it is crucial to engage youth and all the people concerned, excite them, provoke them to react.

What does it mean?
WeFree: seems simple, doesn't it? But what does it really mean to be free? Some people think that getting drunk smoking pot, or doing coke are ways of expressing personal freedom. We'd like to argue the complete opposite. We know that real freedom means living life to the fullest and having fun without getting high.

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What we do

WeFree is a way of being; it is about how we see ourselves and the world. But WeFree is also a prevention project, which includes many activities and initiatives.

The shows
Young people who have tried drugs and the related problems on their own skin such as the confusion and difficulty of growing, are telling their story and how they have managed to find themselves.

The debates and workshops
That we are holding every day with the students who are visiting the Community and who we meet in schools where we are holding the debates, exchanging ideas and telling a little bit about us.

The WeFree Days
Every year in San Patrignano we organize two days devoted to prevention. It is a great event where you can have fun, but also discuss and stimulate your thoughts.

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