WeFree Days 2015

"It depends on us”
It's an event entirely dedicated to young people. Thousands of students from high schools throughout Italy, representatives of political bodies, national and international personalities from the world of entertainment, sports and youth, organizations active in the social sphere are participating and gathering here from all parts of the world. They all want to share a unique message “It depends on us”.

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Being "WeFree"

Means not depending on things outside of yourself. It means feeling free to be you, and not worrying about what others think of you. Being "WeFree" means making a choice, the right choice for you. It means thinking for yourself, even when it means going against the grain.


I was ...
17 August 2017

I was ... one who had to always prove to be up to every situation; although, I was conditioned by a strong sense of insecurity and poor self-esteem.
One who was wearing masks on masks to hide a warm, sweet and sensitive soul. Which depended on the judgment of others, Hence I had never been true to myself.
I was imprisoned by anxieties, distress, fears, and a thousand of paranoia. Never enjoying the present, because I was always thinking about the future.
I had nothing in hand for tomorrow, because I had not finished anything yesterday. I preferred staying in bed sleeping, instead of facing life and its problems. I felt rage and grudge against the whole world.
I was constantly tormented by guilty feelings and remorse for having done or said something wrong. That at the end of the evening I felt as tough as a boxer, even though I never even had done a match.

10 August 2017

It's a gloomy night that promises nothing good.
I do not know what’s happening to me, but my stomach is closed, a tightness that does not let me breathe properly and makes me shiver.
My friends are nervously walking around me, I hear them silent, they are agitated and fomented; whereas I’m lying on the grass, trying to keep calm concentrating on the perfumes.
They are so familiar! I look up at the sky. It's full of stars. I'm looking for the hunter and Betelgeuse, the brightest star of the Orion belt. Finally I find it, I observe it; It’s beautiful, so bright and impressive.
A feeling of peace pervades my body and I smile, thinking back to my childhood and the evenings of fantasy with my brother.
Two kids and a lot of dreams. We wanted to become brave astronauts, without fear.

09 August 2017

Every night that damn dream came to the door of my mind. I was in a marble quarry; I was pushing a granite boulder doing a tremendous effort.
I tried to move it, but there was nothing I could do, nothing. I could not. Despite all possible attempts, that boulder remained there, firmly in place.
Every morning, as I woke up, I could never remembered the place I was in, not even a detail of the environment around.
The way I saw myself was blurry too, every time, all that remained was a sense of heaviness and disappointment. I stayed there, moving around in the bed, crushed by a tremendous guilt of having failed again.

Look at yourself in the mirror
03 August 2017

"Tell me why are you doing this? Have you forgotten that we grew up together? Remember those pictures of our pregnant mothers? I always thought we were friends even then, how can you not realize anything?"
The words are sharp, angry, poisonous arrows that can rip even the hardest heart.
But not mine. Rather. I'm tempted to take him by the neck and attach him to the wall. I cannot stand the tranquility that he flaunts. Between the two of us it was always him the one having the most glowing character of brawler.
Many quarrels happened for banalities and some stupid misunderstandings. Screaming the worst things at each other’s face, being angry with each other like children;
then we would meet after a few days at the usual shed near the sea, smoking joints, drinking a beer and giving a good kick to, both the ball and our grudges. Yet something makes me think that all this will not be enough for him to go over it.

Books and dreams
03 August 2017

Marta is sitting comfortably on her chair, in a studio apartment that smells like a mixture of moss and cat food. She holds in her hands her new school diary;
she has just begun her first year of middle school. Her mom went out tonight, like every night, she went to dance with her slightly odd friend, while her dad is at work.
Marta sits there smiling at her new sequel of a book called "little women", bought that afternoon with her savings of the month.
She lives between the pages of that book, almost bigger than her, traveling, exploring, and falling in love. Just like the protagonist of her book.
Her belly begins to rumble, she opens the fridge exhuming a mozzarella that has survived from a period of famine. Her park friends ring at the doorbell, but Marta doesn’t want to play.
She likes to stay there, in her perfect world, made of paper, ink and fantasy.


Blog WeFree

La cintura di orione - WeFree
18 August 2017

E’ una notte cupa che non promette niente di buono.
Non so cosa mi succede, ma ho lo stomaco chiuso: una stretta che non mi lascia respirare e mi mette i brividi.
I miei compagni passeggiano nervosamente intorno a me, li sento parlare sottovoce, sono agitati e carichi.

Van Kim Nguyen - WeFree
08 August 2017

Linee rette a formare
Visi senza età né sesso
Giochi di geometrie,
fredde e calcolate,
in antitesi con ciò che la vita
realmente è.

Imprevedibilità degli eventi.
Casualità e incognite.

Fino a quell’intersezione.
Quel punto. Noi siamo quel punto.
Purgatorio per la coscienza.
In cui tutto acquista forma e
Acquisisce un senso.


Disegnando per gli altri scopro chi sono - WeFree
01 August 2017

“Non ho mai disegnato prima di entrare in comunità. Cioè, disegnavo quando ero piccolo, a dodici, tredici anni, un po’ come tutti. Poi la vita ha iniziato a cambiare: scappavo da me stesso, dagli altri, dagli impegni.
Fuggivo da tutto, mettendomi sempre più nei casini. Finché non sono arrivato a Sanpa”
Mi chiamo Christian. Era molto tempo che mi drogavo, quasi dieci anni. Il mio solo scopo era non sentire, non guardare dentro me stesso.

Io ero... - WeFree | San Patrignano
25 July 2017

…quello che doveva sempre dimostrare di essere all’altezza di ogni situazione, che era condizionato da un forte senso di insicurezza e scarsa autostima. Che portava maschere su maschere per nascondere un animo caldo, dolce e sensibile.
Che dipendeva dal giudizio degli altri e non era mai se stesso. Che era imprigionato da ansie, angosce, paure e mille paranoie. Che non si godeva mai il presente, perché pensava sempre al futuro.

Ophie è con me - WeFree - SanpaNews
18 July 2017

Circondata dalle nuvole e dai raggi del sole, volo leggera e silenziosa sopra le terre così rumorose. Mi sento libera e leggera e sembra che la vita da quassù sia meno brutta e dolorosa.
Le funi si tendono ed ecco un vortice di fuoco e un possente rombo esprimere la sua immensa potenza.
Ophie vola sicura seguendo le correnti ascensionali, portandomi lontano.
Lontano da tutto ciò che mi fa soffrire, dai miei genitori, dai miei compagni di scuola, dai miei amici.


The WeFree Project comes to life from our everyday experience with the young people.
We know how useful is raising awareness on the risks associated with drug use, but we also know that often it is not enough: it is crucial to engage youth and all the people concerned, excite them, provoke them to react.

What does it mean?
WeFree: seems simple, doesn't it? But what does it really mean to be free? Some people think that getting drunk smoking pot, or doing coke are ways of expressing personal freedom. We'd like to argue the complete opposite. We know that real freedom means living life to the fullest and having fun without getting high.

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What we do

WeFree is a way of being; it is about how we see ourselves and the world. But WeFree is also a prevention project, which includes many activities and initiatives.

The shows
Young people who have tried drugs and the related problems on their own skin such as the confusion and difficulty of growing, are telling their story and how they have managed to find themselves.

The debates and workshops
That we are holding every day with the students who are visiting the Community and who we meet in schools where we are holding the debates, exchanging ideas and telling a little bit about us.

The WeFree Days
Every year in San Patrignano we organize two days devoted to prevention. It is a great event where you can have fun, but also discuss and stimulate your thoughts.

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