WeFree Days 2015

"It depends on us”
It's an event entirely dedicated to young people. Thousands of students from high schools throughout Italy, representatives of political bodies, national and international personalities from the world of entertainment, sports and youth, organizations active in the social sphere are participating and gathering here from all parts of the world. They all want to share a unique message “It depends on us”.

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Visite e dibattiti a SanPa
20 February 2017
San Patrignano
Istituto Versari Macrelli - Cesena
Visite e dibattiti a SanPa
20 February 2017
San Patrignano
Istituto Luzzatto - Portogruaro (VE)
21 February 2017
Ravenna (RA)
Teatro Rasi
Visite e dibattiti a SanPa
21 February 2017
San Patrignano
Istituto Checchi - Fucecchio
Visite e dibattiti a SanPa
21 February 2017
San Patrignano
Istituto Matteucci - Forlì

Being "WeFree"

Means not depending on things outside of yourself. It means feeling free to be you, and not worrying about what others think of you. Being "WeFree" means making a choice, the right choice for you. It means thinking for yourself, even when it means going against the grain.


Fili Spezzati - WeFree | San Patrignano
15 February 2017

The phone rings, I hasten to answer. I look at the screen; it’s him at last. I smile; I've been waiting for hours.
"Come down, I’m outside your house!"
I put my coat and hat on when I’m about to leave the house. My parents look at me furiously and begin pounding me with questions, to which I have no intention to answer.
"Are you going out tonight? You cannot do what you want. You have also stopped going to school. What do you want to become? Are you going out with him again, aren’t you? He will drag you into hell. Don’t go out tonight, stay home.
"No, it’s not him," I reply.
"Come back soon, don’t make us worry."
I close the door behind me; I go down the stairs as fast as I can. I was running away from them, from my family, but then they were just an obstacle to my life and my love story with him.

Wondering who I was - WeFree
10 February 2017

I was dying inside

... Middle school came. With me were two friends with whom I had always hanged around even at elementary school, and in that entirely new situation I stayed very close to them. I was timid, closed and when I was with them I could feel a little safer. Because of my shyness and insecurity school kids targeted me, playing jokes and teasing me every day, but my friends never took my defenses, let alone protected me, indeed, very often they laughed with the rest of them and I felt awful about this, I felt betrayed, but I couldn't leave them because I would have been alone. I felt ugly and dorky whereas they were cute and always trendy. I took them as an example, I copied them, I was dressing like them, and I behaved like them. However, I felt outdone, I felt I wasn’t up to scratch.

I wanted to be a rock star - WeFree
03 February 2017

Turned off my dreams

My story starts in Castiglione del Lago, a very pleasant village, immersed in the green hills of Umbria. Both my parents are from Calabria, my father worked for an insurance company and my mother was a teacher, they were both really cool parents, affectionate, loving, always present and since I was their only child, all their attention was directed to me.
Suddenly everything changed. We had to transfer back to Calabria, I abandoned everything, friends, home, the hills and all that was important to me.
I changed school and it wasn’t easy at all. I was the new guy and I was picked on, they teased me, I was excluded and their perception made me suffer so much. Fortunately at this time my passion for music was born, considering that since I was a kid, music had always been constantly played in the background, my parents were very keen that I had found something.

WeFree Days
15 October 2016

After three years and for the fifth time on We Free Days, we had our dear friend Abramz Tekya, the founder of Breakdance Project Uganda, again with us in San Patrignano. Here is a small interview made by the We Free Crew of 2016 with Abramz, where he tells as a bit of his own experiences in San Patrignano and We Free Days in the years passed, and the whole concept of the We Free idea and how it grows in the worldwide net of ours, including the meaning of the award he received on this year’s edition.

WeFree Days
05 September 2016

Do you guys know what an oboe is?
When they asked me…I said “it’s a tropical bird”.
Funny right? Sorry, I should clarify one thing:
I am eight years old
And I stopped going to school a while back.
My parents never told me what an oboe was
And I never asked them.
I knew what a guitar was
A piano, a violin and trumpet
But not the oboe.
Today I play the oboe
My teachers tells me that I’m very good.
I play in a band and we are called "Pepita",
Born in collaboration with the non-profit organization “Children in Crisis”.
I don’t know what is a non-profit organization,
I never asked anybody and nobody ever told me,
However, now I know what a “Children in Crisis” is.
I am a “Childern in Crisis”.
That’s why they sent me to the band Pepita.
Why I didn’t go to school,


Blog WeFree

Fili spezzati - WeFree
14 February 2017

Fili spezzati

Suona il telefono, corro a rispondere. Guardo il display, è lui finalmente. Sorrido, lo stavo aspettando da ore.
“Scendi, sono sotto casa!”
Mi infilo il giaccone, il cappello ed esco di casa. I miei genitori mi guardano furiosi e cominciano a martellarmi di domande, alle quali non ho intenzione di rispondere.
“Stai uscendo anche stasera? Non puoi fare quello che vuoi. Hai anche smesso di andare a scuola. Cosa vuoi diventare? Stai uscendo ancora con lui, non è vero? Lui ti trascinerà all’inferno. Non andare stasera, resta a casa.

13 February 2017

Wefree incontra circa 500 ragazzi dell’ITI di Rimini

Stammi vicino - WeFree
11 February 2017

Stammi Vicino

Con il dito facevo scorrere in alto i contatti della mia rubrica. Quel pomeriggio ero in casa con la droga, come tante altre volte. Quello era il mio mondo, non mi serviva nient’altro. Credevo di stare bene. Quel pomeriggio però mi sentivo terribilmente sola. Volevo semplicemente stare con qualcuno, ma più vagavo tra i nomi della rubrica più mi rendevo conto di quanti pochi amici avessi veramente. Poi sono arrivata al numero di Claudio.

#ognigiorno - Spettacolo WeFree
09 February 2017

Doppio appuntamento con gli studenti aretini con il format #ognigiorno.

Venerdì 10 febbraio al Teatro Mecenate di Arezzo in scena il format #ognigiorno per un doppio appuntamento rivolto agli studenti delle scuole superiori di primo e secondo grado del territorio aretino (ore 9.00 replica ore 11.00).

Bullismo - We Free
07 February 2017

“Questa volta andrà bene, ne sono certo”

Alle 6:45 del mattino il freddo ti si attacca alla felpa. Forse a quest’ora serviva il giubbotto, alla fermata dell’autobus, anche se è settembre. Arriva il 96. È già pieno. Anche loro devono andare a scuola, sono tutti del paese prima.

“Da domani mi sa che mi alzo prima, qua non c’è più posto. In realtà qualche posto c’è ancora, ma dovrei sedermi vicino a qualcuno. Non conosco nessuno, preferisco stare in piedi. L’importante è mettermi in un angolo, così poi dopo non sarò in mezzo alla ressa, starò meglio”.


The WeFree Project comes to life from our everyday experience with the young people.
We know how useful is raising awareness on the risks associated with drug use, but we also know that often it is not enough: it is crucial to engage youth and all the people concerned, excite them, provoke them to react.

What does it mean?
WeFree: seems simple, doesn't it? But what does it really mean to be free? Some people think that getting drunk smoking pot, or doing coke are ways of expressing personal freedom. We'd like to argue the complete opposite. We know that real freedom means living life to the fullest and having fun without getting high.

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What we do

WeFree is a way of being; it is about how we see ourselves and the world. But WeFree is also a prevention project, which includes many activities and initiatives.

The shows
Young people who have tried drugs and the related problems on their own skin such as the confusion and difficulty of growing, are telling their story and how they have managed to find themselves.

The debates and workshops
That we are holding every day with the students who are visiting the Community and who we meet in schools where we are holding the debates, exchanging ideas and telling a little bit about us.

The WeFree Days
Every year in San Patrignano we organize two days devoted to prevention. It is a great event where you can have fun, but also discuss and stimulate your thoughts.

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