WeFree Days 2015

"It depends on us”
It's an event entirely dedicated to young people. Thousands of students from high schools throughout Italy, representatives of political bodies, national and international personalities from the world of entertainment, sports and youth, organizations active in the social sphere are participating and gathering here from all parts of the world. They all want to share a unique message “It depends on us”.

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23 March 2017
Verona (VR)
Auditorium La Gran Guardia
Visite e dibattiti a SanPa
23 March 2017
San Patrignano
Collegio Bianconi - Monza (MB)
Visite e dibattiti a SanPa
23 March 2017
San Patrignano
Istituto Agrario Cecchi - Pesaro (PU)
Incontri a Scuola
24 March 2017
Fano (PU)
Istituto Battisti
Visite e dibattiti a SanPa
24 March 2017
San Patrignano
Istituto Barozzi - Modena (MO)

Being "WeFree"

Means not depending on things outside of yourself. It means feeling free to be you, and not worrying about what others think of you. Being "WeFree" means making a choice, the right choice for you. It means thinking for yourself, even when it means going against the grain.


23 March 2017

Fulfilling the blank in front of me

I had already been using heroin for a year. At 15, the relationship with my family was increasingly deteriorated every time I entered the house there was a fight. My father did not accept my behavior and I did not miss an opportunity to react with violence. With my sisters I had no kind of relationship whatsoever, they only thing they knew was that I caused a lot of trouble. The worst thing was that I knew I was continuously causing trouble, but in order not to feel any remorse or guilt, I chose to stay high and never sober up. With drugs I gradually felt relived from thoughts, emotions, feelings; I was there physically, but mentally I was not there. I was constantly out of my mind and the few times that I was lucid was because I had no money and therefore no drugs.

Learn to love yourself | WeFree
20 March 2017

Start Again

13 March 2017

The best choice for my life

At 24 years old, finished university, I met a guy who used heroin, I fell in love and we got together. In the end he was so different from me, I also liked to get high... I thought my life could not get worst than this. Since then, however, everything sank. It was inevitable. Before I knew it, it was too late… my only thoughts become drugs, only drugs. Everything revolved around that and all the rest I did not give a shit about.

Flourish from rubble | WeFree
01 March 2017

Rediscover yourself

I was just over twenty years old. My life was made out of parties, discos, drugs and fun. I did not think about anything else.

I lived in Novi in Modena and on the 29th of May 2012 there was an earthquake. You can imagine the situation. My mom and my brother were in the civil protection housing. My dog and I were destined to stay in the tent. A friend of mine called me and asked me if I wanted to stay at his house.

Since that time, not only my city fell to pieces, but also all my life.

I stayed at Marco’s house for some months. I could only hear from my mom rarely, just to know if everything was ok. The relation between us had already broken a long time before. She knew what I was doing, so she had cornered me once again, I didn’t want to consider this.

In town I was making enemies. I was stuck to the drug dealers and I was always in the midst of problems. Marco learnt about this and so he kicked me out of his house.

It was always my fault - 52stories | WeFree
21 February 2017

It was always my fault

What would I have given in order to have a girl to love, which would have given me strength, and hence experiences. The only thing I knew I could do was to feel guilty

for something, believing that I couldn’t do anything. To let my voice be heard was a struggle. To tell my point of view in order to feel important was hard, just so that I could have others see that I was worth something, and in the process, I would have hence been known for who I am, it was all to me, as hard as climbing Mount Everest would have been. If only I could not feel as if always wrong!

I'm 20 years old, and I come from Brescia, the first years of life I spent them with my mother and my grandmother, I never got to know who my father was.


Blog WeFree

Dibattito WeFree | San Patrignano
23 March 2017

Per il quarto anno consecutivo la Comunità di San Patrignano collabora al progetto “Educazione alla legalità e prevenzione dipendenze”, proposto agli studenti degli Istituti superiori e curato dai magistrati del Tribunale di Pesaro.

WeFree arriva a Verona con il format OgniGiorno
22 March 2017

Storie e vite a confronto nel format #OGNIGIORNO

WeFree, la campagna di prevenzione ideata e realizzata dalla Comunità di e sostenuta da Fondazione Ania incontra 700 studenti.

21 March 2017

Marco sfoglia il giornale. “Ragazzo, sotto l’effetto di sostanze stupefacenti, picchia il padre dopo l’ennesima lite furiosa”. Pagina sette, cronaca locale. E la memoria torna indietro come un lampo, alla sua storia, alla sua famiglia e a suo padre.

WeFree Milano - San Patrignano
20 March 2017

La campagna di prevenzione WeFree di San Patrignano farà tappa, martedì 21 marzo, all’Auditorium Don Bosco di Milano con il suo nuovo format teatrale ‘Backup’. Questo appuntamento, realizzato con la collaborazione dell’associazione Anglad Milano e sostenuto dalla Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia, rientra in un programma di eventi dedicati alla prevenzione e rivolto agli studenti del territorio.

Incontro Leo Club Pesaro con i ragazzi del WeFree - SanPatrignano
17 March 2017

L’appuntamento è per la mattina di lunedì 20 marzo al Liceo Scientifico “Marconi” di Pesaro, prossima tappa della campagna WeFree, il progetto di prevenzione delle dipendenze di San Patrignano. Melita, Marco ed Ivan, ragazzi che porteranno agli studenti la propria esperienza personale di tossicodipendenza e di rinascita.


The WeFree Project comes to life from our everyday experience with the young people.
We know how useful is raising awareness on the risks associated with drug use, but we also know that often it is not enough: it is crucial to engage youth and all the people concerned, excite them, provoke them to react.

What does it mean?
WeFree: seems simple, doesn't it? But what does it really mean to be free? Some people think that getting drunk smoking pot, or doing coke are ways of expressing personal freedom. We'd like to argue the complete opposite. We know that real freedom means living life to the fullest and having fun without getting high.

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What we do

WeFree is a way of being; it is about how we see ourselves and the world. But WeFree is also a prevention project, which includes many activities and initiatives.

The shows
Young people who have tried drugs and the related problems on their own skin such as the confusion and difficulty of growing, are telling their story and how they have managed to find themselves.

The debates and workshops
That we are holding every day with the students who are visiting the Community and who we meet in schools where we are holding the debates, exchanging ideas and telling a little bit about us.

The WeFree Days
Every year in San Patrignano we organize two days devoted to prevention. It is a great event where you can have fun, but also discuss and stimulate your thoughts.

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