WeFree Days 2015

"It depends on us”
It's an event entirely dedicated to young people. Thousands of students from high schools throughout Italy, representatives of political bodies, national and international personalities from the world of entertainment, sports and youth, organizations active in the social sphere are participating and gathering here from all parts of the world. They all want to share a unique message “It depends on us”.

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Being "WeFree"

Means not depending on things outside of yourself. It means feeling free to be you, and not worrying about what others think of you. Being "WeFree" means making a choice, the right choice for you. It means thinking for yourself, even when it means going against the grain.


Zombia Resurrection
21 June 2017

I was told that monsters do not exist. They told this to me and to all my friends, more or less at the age of seven, that vampires, ghosts, boogiemen and zombies do not exist. It is all a fabrication.

But monsters exist, although, sometimes we pretend they don’t. Monsters arrive when we try to suppress our sensations, not to feel them, to distort them.
If I deal with what I have in my mind, when I’m not thinking too lucidly, my problems, my paranoia and my fears can destroy me, ruin my life, appearing much more monstrous than how they actually are.

I love to write
20 June 2017

Today, some students studying at the Cattaneo High School in Modena, have come to visit Sanpa.
We talked about our passions, each one of us has one... or at least I think each one of us should have one! As to me, my passion is to write, there are several reasons why:
I love to write, I do not know exactly why, but all I know is that I love to write. I was asked to write an essay explaining what it means for me to write.
Well, it sounds weird, but I had to start it all over again, five times. It might seem odd that one who love’s writing cannot easily write the explanation of how come it is so.
However, it isn’t that I cannot explain it, it rather is that I would like to be able to describe it exactly the way I see it.
The first draft I wrote, didn’t really explain why I love writing, instead it questioned why wouldn’t I be able to not love writing.

We are alive - WeFree
16 June 2017

Four years have flown by and as always I like you, perhaps even more so now.

The other half of the heart
14 June 2017

If I had to compare my life to something, I would definitely associate it with a war.
Ever since I was little I fought against the indifference of my parents and against the teasing of my schoolmates.
I fought not to be unnoticed, to be accepted by the group.
I have fought against all the healthy principles my grandparents have taught me.
I fought so that I could be the most popular of all, not to feel alone, but above all, I fought against myself.
I became a great soldier over time. I was able to betray, hurt, humiliate, lie, so I did not feel anything.
I was strong, I felt strong. I was always ready to fight.
But as time had gradually passed ever more, I increasingly became lonesome.
I lived whole days, locked in my room alone, without any friends, with a terrible fear of going out and above all, I was scared of myself.

14 June 2017

We started to glimpse some lights, after a few minutes we were inside. The club was complete to the full of its life, it was night-time and I felt at home.

That pounding music gave me a feeling of inner peace, blocking all my thoughts, and to cope being there, ecstasy was the best drug.

No one looked at me whereas people usually did, wherever I was and with who ever I was with. My friends came to greet me happy to see me, I was in peace with the world. My only concern was to get some junk. After finding the best one, I went to the dance floor as close to the speakers as I could, so the music invaded my mind and I could leave for my "voyage" in the void.

4 in the morning. I see people starting to run, a girl is on the floor with convulsions: she was swallowing her tongue.

The ambulance and the Carabinieri arrived. Moments of panic. They take her out.


Blog WeFree

Zombie Resurrection - WeFree
20 June 2017

Mi avevano detto che i mostri non esistono. L’avevano detto a me e a tutti i miei amici, più o meno all’età di sette anni, che i vampiri, i fantasmi, l’uomo nero e gli zombie non esistevano. Era tutto un’invenzione.

Siamo vivi - WeFree
13 June 2017

Quattro anni scivolati in fretta e tu mi piaci come sempre, forse anche di più.

I disegni che porto nel cuore - WeFree
06 June 2017

Il buio mi si adagiava addosso, dolcemente. I passi delle guardie che si allontanavano mi davano comunque sollievo; sapevo che, in quella cella di isolamento, niente e nessuno avrebbe più potuto farmi del male. Per il momento.

Mi avevano portato in quel posto perché mi avevano beccato a fare tatuaggi agli altri carcerati. Avevo bisogno di soldi in cella, per passare i pomeriggi. Di lavorare non volevo nemmeno sentirne parlare.

Per non pensare, per esprimermi - WeFree
30 May 2017

Potevo anche non avere niente, ma in fondo avevo tutto. È così che ci si sente; quando c’è lei, tutto il resto perde importanza. La roba era diventata il centro della mia vita, l’unica priorità. Così i pomeriggi preferivo passarli da solo. Avevo una ragazza, degli amici, ma la mia vita sociale non mi interessava più. Spesso preferivo chiudermi in casa, a guardare film d’autore, ad ascoltare buona musica. E a disegnare.

Nulla di Male - WeFree
26 May 2017

A scuola non andavo bene, non mi piaceva molto studiare e a volte mi sentivo inferiore agli altri ragazzi. Le prese in giro erano la routine, mi sembrava tutto un inferno…


The WeFree Project comes to life from our everyday experience with the young people.
We know how useful is raising awareness on the risks associated with drug use, but we also know that often it is not enough: it is crucial to engage youth and all the people concerned, excite them, provoke them to react.

What does it mean?
WeFree: seems simple, doesn't it? But what does it really mean to be free? Some people think that getting drunk smoking pot, or doing coke are ways of expressing personal freedom. We'd like to argue the complete opposite. We know that real freedom means living life to the fullest and having fun without getting high.

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What we do

WeFree is a way of being; it is about how we see ourselves and the world. But WeFree is also a prevention project, which includes many activities and initiatives.

The shows
Young people who have tried drugs and the related problems on their own skin such as the confusion and difficulty of growing, are telling their story and how they have managed to find themselves.

The debates and workshops
That we are holding every day with the students who are visiting the Community and who we meet in schools where we are holding the debates, exchanging ideas and telling a little bit about us.

The WeFree Days
Every year in San Patrignano we organize two days devoted to prevention. It is a great event where you can have fun, but also discuss and stimulate your thoughts.

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